17 Nov 2020

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Virtual Group Activities and Gift Box Ideas

Virtual Group Activities and Gift Box Ideas

The end of year holidays are fast approaching, and it’s already time to plan out how you are going to thank your employees, clients, and colleagues! If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, here are some nice ideas from some Old Montreal businesses! And by the way, we’re sure your family members and friends would enjoy these virtual activities and thoughtful gifts, too!

Ateliers et Saveurs

Gather up your co-workers or friends for an online videoconference workshop, where you can learn to prepare meals or cocktails, in your very own kitchen. This is a really unique way to share a moment of fun together. Ateliers et Saveurs is offering an outstanding selection of virtual classes and group and corporate activities; all you have to do is pick the course that fits you the best!

BEVO Bar + Pizzeria

For the pizza lovers, here’s a great fun activity to share together, virtually speaking! BEVO Bar + Pizzeria is offering its “Roll up your sleeves!” activity, where their Pizzaiolo will teach you how to craft your pizza dough, show you how to use your ingredients, and give you all the necessary information to give your pizza the perfect cook! The presentation can last from 45 to 60 minutes. Each box contains 4 balls of BEVO pizza dough, BEVO tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, and spiced oil.


The boutique Chocosina offers pre-made chocolate or snack gift baskets for those of us who may not have a lot of time. But they also offer the ability to create personalized gift baskets, from the basket and ribbon that you want, all the way down to the sweets you want to include. You can even have a message included with certain baskets, or you may add a card in which the Chocosina team will write whatever well-wishes you desire. A personalized gift is a sure-fire way to please someone this season.

NELLI Café + Vin nature

The "Good Morning" Box from NELLI Café + Vin nature is a perfect way to thank your employees or clients for their continued loyalty. Each box includes an assortment of homemade products (jams, granolas, cakes), a bag of coffee, a reusable mug, and a $50 Experience Old Montreal gift card. And if you have a loved one who enjoys good coffee, give them a gift that will remind them of you each month: the coffee subscription box. Every month, for six months, your recipient of choice will receive two bags of NELLI coffee (340g), in your choice of either grounds or whole bean. And with the first box, you will receive a reusable mug.

Boutique Bonjour Montréal

Boutique Bonjour Montréal always has a great selection of gift sets in-store to accommodate all budgets, starting at $37.75 for the “well-being” bundle, all the way up to the $117 bundle which includes a Lambert wallet and a Si Simple bracelet. We particularly love that this box is filled with items that are 100% from Montreal. Would you rather pick and choose the items in the gift set that you’re going to give? No problem! The sweet owners of Boutique Bonjour are letting you create personalized boxes. You may order online or come pick up one in-store.

Mlle Catherine

Just next to Bonjour Montréal, you will find Mlle Catherine, which is offering a “Christmas Brunch” box for the holidays. This box includes a mix of crepes, a variety of hot chocolates, some syrup, and a candle. Warm the heart of someone close to you with this great gift!

William Gray Spa

Give the gift of relaxation with the "cocooning" box from William Gray Spa, which includes a reusable water bottle that can be personalized with your company’s logo, a disinfecting tonic spray, some body wash, body lotion, a shampoo-revitalization duo, hand lotion, an eco-friendly pouch, a reusable bag, and a $50 William Gray Spa gift card.

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