25 Jul 2022

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Old Montreal: New Establishments in 2022!

Old Montreal: New Establishments in 2022!

Old Montreal is a very business-friendly area. Its buildings hold a historic cachet, and its unique ambiance makes it a perfect consideration for opening a new store. Here’s our tour through the many new commerces that have opened in the neighbourhood!

13 New Places to Explore Cuisine

Bvrger, 401 Notre-Dame Street W
Take yourself to Bvrger, and you’ll find a paradise for vegan hamburgers. Amid a botanically-inspired environment, you can eat a nutritious meal, made with local vegan ingredients of the highest quality. Owner Christian Ventura is well-known for his vegan meals, as he is also the mind behind Bloom Sushi, the vegan sushi restaurant.

Bella, 351 Place d'Youville

With a selection of pasta, pizza, and pitcher cocktails, what more could you want? Fans of Italian food will not be disappointed by Bella, which combines the Italian culture of the 1950’s with a love for cocktails. It’s also one of the only restaurants in Montreal that offers pitcher cocktails: quick order, quick serve!

Baratartar, 42 McGill Street

A boutique-caterer that marries fresh ingredients with bold choices, resulting in an experience that we adore! If you love seafood, you’ll be well-served here: ceviche, tataki, poké and tartare (of course). Meat lovers haven’t been forgotten either, as the menu also has several beef dishes.

Mercato Comunale, 701 William Street

This market, whose name means “communal market” in Italian, is a combination grocery, pinseria, and wine bar. Here you’ll find a mixture of local ingredients featuring Italian flavours. You simply must try their pinsa, a Roman variant of pizza made with hand-pressed dough that is rarely seen in Montreal. And a fun fact: the owners here are also the same passionate minds that brought to you the Italian restaurant Graziella.

Aqua Farina, 121 de la Commune Street West

If you’re looking for a restaurant where you can personalize your pasta, this is the place to go! There are infinite combinations thanks to the wide array of options when it comes to pasta, sauces, and sides. Do you have a gluten intolerance? The chef has prepared a menu for you so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Don’t forget to stop by their boutique to grab some pasta and sauce coming directly from Italy.

Délices & Rhums, 269 de la Commune Street East

This bistro restaurant offers affordable, quality cuisine and a whole selection of rums. Take a culinary voyage and discover a delicious mix between French cuisine and the flavours of the Isles. Get ready for your mouth to start watering - here’s one of the delicious dishes you can eat here: fresh scallop carpaccio with olive oil, truffles, and fresh herbs. A true delicacy!

Dinette Marcella, 363 St-François-Xavier Street

It’s hard to choose from all the Italian classics on the menu! Tempt yourself with the burrata with grilled tomatoes, pesto, cherry tomatoes, and crushed pistachios. Or maybe the gnocchi with oyster mushrooms and gorgonzola cream sauce. We also love their wine and cocktail selection, from the Italo Fizz to the popular Espressotini.

Végania Desserts, 218 Notre-Dame Street West

Have you ever tasted cake made from cashews? If not, then now is the time to remedy that situation by heading to Végania Desserts. These unique desserts have maple syrup as the central ingredient and sole sweetening agent, which harmonizes marvelously with the cashews. They come in four flavours - lemon poppyseed, caramel and pecan, raspberry and rose, and chocolate brownie - and will have you and your friends mad with delight during your next group supper.

Ugo Pizzeria, 681 de la Commune Street West

Come taste one of the most popular street foods of Rome and all of Italy: pizza al taglio. Owner and pizzaiolo Ugo, the origin of the restaurant’s name, prepares pizza al taglio by baking it, adding the toppings, then baking it once more. This technique gives a uniform bake, makes it easy to digest, and of course makes it delicious. The pizza is cut into rectangular pieces, making for a perfect souvenir pic before eating.

OCHA, 44 Notre-Dame Street East

For those that think tea is a bit of an old-fashioned drink, make a stop at OCHA and you’ll realize how wrong you are. This business offers over ten flavours of tea, including natural, fruity, and latte variants. You can also add ingredients to it like tapioca or aloe. And when it comes to the store’s décor, you’re going to want to snap a pic of every nook and cranny to share on your Instagram!

Le Butterfly, 324 Saint-Paul Street West

This freshly opened restaurant is a modern steakhouse that offers a wide selection of wines and meats. There’s a butcher’s corner here as well as a grill where they cook them to perfection. We flipped when we saw that they serve Wagyu hamburgers, made from a type of beef from Japan that is known for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and its buttery taste.

@POL, 355 McGill Street
This superbly laid-out bar is perfect for your next happy hour celebration. Its

tapas menu is very intriguing and the cocktail and wine menu are sure to impress. If you don’t drink alcohol, no worries - the menu also includes several mocktails. At @POL, a particular attention has been paid to the details and as soon as you enter, you’ll be won over.

Francesco, 401 Notre-Dame Street West

Want to have an unforgettable experience and dance in an Old Montreal discotheque? Take yourself to Francesco for a classy and memorable evening. Fans of good spirits aren’t forgotten here, this establishment offers a top-shelf selection, including Tequila Clase Azul and Dom Perignon Luminous. Want to be a part of this experience? Francesco is looking for people to fill out its team.

Art, Art, and More Art

Marché Saint Laurent, 503 Place d’Armes

This boutique near the Notre-Dame Basilica offers you specialty coffees to sip on while shopping through souvenirs local to the area. You can find artisan and designer items from Quebec, as well as local groceries. Perfect gifts to give to a friend, or maybe yourself!

Librairie Maktaba, 165 Saint-Paul Street West

This independent bookstore sells books in English that let you cultivate your imagination and your culture. Search out the book you need in this warm space all while drinking a freshly brewed tea. In this highly multi-faceted store, you’ll also be able to attend events, screenings, readings, and workshops with an engaged and creative community. It’s a very inviting space to converse about cultural and literary subjects.

Thermal Ink Tattoo, 30 Saint-François-Xavier Street

This is the place to be if you’ve been wanting a work of art on your skin. These ink artists who were once a neighbourhood over, are now ready to welcome you in their new warm and intimate studio in Old Montreal, which features Asiatic accents and the very same passionate talent they’ve come to be known for. If you would rather wear their creations on your shoes instead, have them personalize your Converses!

Mogli Art Gallery, 55 de la Commune Street West

This art gallery is well worth the detour to see the impressive animals on painted canvas, created by artist Mogli. This painter from Ste-Sophie sets himself apart by his originality and ability to combine abstract and realistic styles. You will assuredly fall in love with his vibrant works of both acrylic and oil paint. Have you found a favourite work? You can grab one for yourself in painting or poster form depending on your budget.

Le Cartel, 421 Saint-Vincent Street
This artistic collective offers art and clothing under the same roof. Le Cartel just recently opened its second store. This Montreal brand has made it its mission to highlight the fifty artists they collaborated with to create their clothing. And we love that more than 50% of their collections are made in Canada!

Design Zola, 63 Saint-Paul Street East

Do you want to freshen up your décor? You should make a stop by Design Zola. This boutique specializes in decoration and elegant furnishings. And in addition to being beautiful and durable, the products they sell here are made with natural and recycled materials. You can truly feel the Indian and traditional inspirations present because of Sareka, the co-owner who grew up in India.

Taking Care of Yourself

Good Vibes Studio Fitness, 387 Saint-Paul Ouest, Suite 4
Good Vibes Studio Fitness is a personalized training studio which aims to help you improve your muscle tone, flexibility and posture. The exercises are performed on the Power Plate platform which produces vibrations to activate the muscles and promote muscle recovery.

PERSANY, 507 Place d'Armes, Suite 240
PERSANY can help when you’re taking care of your body throughout the year. This inviting health and aesthetic institute offers personalized treatments thanks to its state-of-the-art technologies. It’s the perfect gift to give yourself or any of your friends. Plus, you can have a free skin evaluation done during your first visit.

Salon LAMECHE, 465 St-François-Xavier Street

You can count on Salon LAMECHE for a personalized hair cutting service in a friendly setting. The team here pays particular attention to your hair during your first consultation so that they can offer you a hairstyle that will evolve with you. For salon owner Feliccio Rousseau, working with your hair is an art form, since it is a part of you and likely the first one about you that people will notice.

Hyatt Centric Ville-Marie Montréal, 621 Notre-Dame Street East

This hotel-boutique is the perfect place to take some time for yourself after a long day of discovering all the cultural summer activities that Old Montreal has to offer, or before enjoying its exuberant nightlife. You can relax in one of the 177 rooms in this building, styled after Parisian architecture, starting from September 15th. No matter what room you get, the view will always be amazing - giving you the scene of either the interior courtyards’ gardens on one side, or the magnificent stones of Notre-Dame street on the other.

R.E.S.E.T Clinic, 122 McGill Street

Need a massage? Take yourself to the R.E.S.E.T. Sports Clinic, where Amélie and Pauline await you. These two friends met during a physical therapy massage class and they are offering treatments based on much of what they learned there. These techniques have a therapeutic effect on the body, acting upon its muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems.

Alimentation Couche-Tard, 350 Notre-Dame Street West
Are you looking for a snack to munch on between two meetings or you want a drink to refresh yourself a bit? Stop by Couche-Tard. This little store offers a variety of food products, as well as alcohol, lottery tickets, and everything you need, right in arms reach.

Elsayegh Dental Clinic, 656 Wellington Street

Your dental health is of utmost importance, and you can rest assured that the Elsayegh Dental Clinic will treat you with the care you’re due. Whether you’re in need of vaccinations, medical statements, preventive care, or exams, their dentists will make sure to care for you and your whole family, ensuring your good health.

Let’s Not Forget Our Beloved Pets

Old Montreal Veterinary Clinic, 203 Place d’Youville

The Old Montreal Veterinary Clinic was founded by veterinarians boasting more than 20 years of experience. Here, they give conventional veterinary services, as well as expertise in more specific domains, such as abdominal and cardiac sonograms, and MRIs. Never fear, your animals will be in the good hands of this team of passionate doctors.

New Business Offices

Studio SA Architects, 360 Saint-François-Xavier Street

This architecture firm offers a great array of services, for both construction and renovation projects. They’ve also got an architectural design side, called the SA Design Studio. Whatever your project, the experts will be receptive to all your wants and your constraints, and will be able to offer a personalized solution.

Jean Lelièvre S.A.I., 468 Saint-Jean Street, Suite 400
Jean Lelièvre, accompanied by his seasoned team, is a trustee authorized in insolvability, specializing in company reorganization or restructuring, and for consumers in financial distress. With several years of experience, Jean Lelièvre is an excellent ally that will help you find financial stability without judgement.

Alepin Gauthier Lawyers and Notaries, 755 Bonsecours Street

This cabinet of lawyers is deeply proud of its family history, and this familial character can be felt through the team’s very human approach. The team includes around a hundred members who can support you in any law-based domain, at both the professional and personal levels.

N.B.: Have you just started your company, office, or business in le Vieux and want to let us know about it, or did we miss one of your newly moved-in neighbours? Write to us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com and we will be happy to add it here!