26 Aug 2019

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Address book: Sunday brunches

Address book: Sunday brunches

This summer, we offer on the blog a series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. This week, we will talk about some of the restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious Sunday Brunch with your friends and family!

For the lovers

Make time for your significant other at the sophisticated restaurant Dandy that offers a delicious menu and a beautiful decor! Quiches, pancakes, toasts… You will find many dishes that are perfect for a cozy and romantic Sunday brunch at this restaurant that quickly became a must-visit in the neighbourhood!

To meet with friends

Comptoir 400 is the perfect place to catch up with friends! For brunch, the Italian restaurant offers an extensive menu that you can enjoy in a convivial atmosphere to relax after a long week at work. Pastries, crepes, salmon plate… There’s something for everyone at this home-like restaurant!

For some family-time

If you want to please the whole family, you should head to the Verses Bistro for a delicious brunch that will please both children and adults alike! What’s more, the restaurant also has a special family deal in collaboration with the Science Center, located only 2 minutes away! Come enjoy their delicious brunch and you will also receive a $15 discount on the family package of the Science Centre and if you’re coming back from a visit, children can eat for free upon presentation of your tickets!*
*See conditions on the website

To try vegan flavors
Start the day on the right foot with the refreshing menu of the LOV! The restaurant has a great variety of dishes that will allow you to discover or rediscover a healthy and gourmet vegan cuisine for your Sunday brunch. There’s no better way to enjoy a relaxing moment on the weekend! And if your loved ones are a bit skeptical about vegan food, it’s the perfect place to help them discover its numerous flavors!