30 Jul 2019

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Address book: printed products

Address book: printed products

This summer, we offer on the blog a series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. This week, you will discover a selection of printed products to decorate your house or elevate your outfits!

Mimi & August

© Mimi & August

The shop Mimi & August constantly shares through their clothes and accessories, body-positive messages. In that spirit, they offer a selection of printed sweatshirts with beautiful messages designed by the co-founder of the shop, Camille Forcherio. To make it even better, all their products are unisex!


If you are looking for a gift for your group of friends, ImpresArt has what you need! The shop has just launched its collection of “Food Truck Poutine 911” t-shirts, designed by the artist cartoonist Yves Demers and printed in Montreal!

Bonjour Montréal

© Bonjour Montréal

To decorate your house or your office, the Bonjour Montreal shop offers a set of beautiful illustrations, created by the illustrator Anja Jane. Through her drawings, the artist shares her vision of Montreal that she showcases with bright and vibrant colors.

Maison Pepin

© Maison Pepin

The era of plastic is over! Why not choose a reusable bag from Maison Pepin instead? The shop offers pretty shopping bags handmade in Montreal and for the print, you can choose between a monument of Montreal or the Champlain bridge!


© Naïf

Instead of an email, how about sending a card during the summer holidays! Naïf offers beautiful postcards, designed by the Quebec artist Isabelle Feliu, that will definitely please your loved ones! Moreover, these solidarity cards are also a good way to support the organization The Etoffe of Success, whose aim is to help women from all background enter the job market.