21 Dec 2020

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The Perfect Gentleman’s New Year's Resolutions

The Perfect Gentleman’s New Year's Resolutions

We know that the traditional New Year’s resolutions usually deal with fitness and health, but this year, why not also make some resolutions for proper behaviour and shape yourself into a gentleman? You might be wondering what exactly that means. A gentleman is, according to its definition: “a well-raised and distinguished man whose presentation and manners are impeccable”. Read through this article to find the best businesses in Old Montreal that will help you on your way to becoming the perfect gentleman this new year!

A Gentleman’s Appearance

Trépanier Image and Style, 60 Saint-Jacques, Suite 201

It’s not easy to develop your style, but luckily, stylist Patricia Trépanier has built her career upon helping gentlemen improve their wardrobe and perfect their image. For more than a decade, Patricia Trépanier has helped men of all ages find the style that works for them best, while taking their interests, needs, and wants into account. If you hate shopping, that also works in your favour – after the consultation, your image counsellor will draw up a shopping plan, incorporate that with your existing wardrobe, and voilà – your new image! This is a major boon for any man searching to refine their style!

Coupe de luxe, 264 Saint-Paul East

Caring for one’s appearance isn’t just for women, and the salon Coupe de luxe knows this very well. This barber offers treatments specialized for men, including beard cuts, washing, and hairstyling. And as for complementary services, they also have tanning sessions.

Swell Fellow, 901 de la Commune (by appointment only)

The necktie as a part of fashion goes all the way back to the 17th century, and has massively changed over time. But this accessory remains essential for the gentleman of today. Whether you opt for a necktie, a bowtie, or a cravate, you will find your right fit at Swell Fellow, which offers a wide selection of classic and colourful accessories that will go beautifully with your wardrobe! And to complete your outfit, you will need the necessary item of 2020: the mask. Their selection of reusable fabric masks handmade in Montreal will excite you with their tones and trendy prints. Staying stylish while protecting oneself; it’s a beautiful thing.

Sarah Pacini Man | Philippe Dubuc, 90 Saint-Paul Ouest

Since its opening in 1993, Philippe Dubuc has offered its male clientele timeless clothing that works for business as well as for special occasions. Philippe Dubuc is selling his winter collection, which includes versatile and modern suits that undeniably showcase the gentleman that loves being on the cutting-edge of fashion! The creator’s boutique, which now belongs to the Sarah Pacini group, also offers the Sarah Pacini Man collections in its physical location on Saint-Paul Street West. For classiness during every occasion, this is the place to go.

Clusier, 432 McGill

A refined men’s clothing and shoe store, Clusier also offers a bespoke customization service, lending you perfect elegance, even in a more casual outfit. For this service, you will have to first make an appointment (expect to set aside at least 30 minutes) to have your measurements taken. Then you will choose the fabrics that you like; at this step you will pick your favourite from among the 2,000 fabrics of different colours and textures that they have. And finally, around three weeks later, the unique pieces of clothing will be sent to you at your home. If you don’t have time to wait that long, then you can make an appointment to go to their store. You will find a lot of designer clothing there. And don’t worry if you’re the type that has trouble making a decision. There are consultants on site to help you make a clear, well-informed decision. And of course, the new addition to their accessory section for 2020 is their masks! They are all stylish and comfortable, so you just have to pick your favourite one!

A Gentleman’s Patronages (Once Restaurants Reopen)

Wolf and Workman, 139 Saint-Paul West

With its vintage mirrors, chandeliers, and red benches, the Wolf and Workman pub is the perfect place to meet up with your entourage! In addition to the reigning cozy atmosphere, the pub also offers a menu that is crafted around quality products, sourced from local markets and farms. This establishment aims to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible and offer its clientele the best that the world has to offer. It goes without saying that the perfect gentleman will appreciate these values!

Vallier Bistro, 425 McGill

If you want to enjoy Montreal traditions and culture, the restaurant Vallier Bistro is without a doubt one of the neighbourhood’s must-sees! This restaurant pulls on French, British, and American inspirations, and serves quality food in a warm setting, incorporating Montreal charm all the while. It’s the ideal spot for the gentleman that wishes to pass some quality time with his mates this year and to make some new memories with a good dinner! For the time being during this pandemic, you can order your favourite Vallier Bistro dishes online for takeout, or for delivery via Uber Eats.

Photos: Clusier; Patricia Trépanier; Swell Fellow; Wolf and Workman