04 Dec 2019

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The Gens du Vieux, people with heart

The Gens du Vieux, people with heart

Often during this period of revelry, one forgets that not every person is so lucky to spend a festive yuletide surrounded by their loved ones. We think that now is the perfect time to show off several of the Gens du Vieux, our people of the Vieux, who devote themselves to making the world a little better for those in need, one action at a time. Here are some of your big-hearted businesses that make a difference in our community!

Bagnoles et Bobinette, hand-knit Christmas ornaments for Les Petits Frères

Put some colour into your Christmas tree by purchasing some hand-knit Christmas ornaments and simultaneously give some colour to the holidays of the senior citizens who are alone during this year’s holidays. Thanks to your purchase, you will help Petits Frères to organize a huge Christmas party, or to visit the elderly who may not be healthy enough to travel and attend this celebration. Are you searching for a humble gift to give to a professor that you like, or your cherished hairdresser? Why not offer them this Christmas decoration that will surely help recreate a tight-knit family for these elders who no longer have one? Walk down to Bagnoles et Bobinette and contribute to a worthy cause!

Bord’Elle, a night to help the children and teens born into poverty

Bord’Elle boutique bar and restaurant is teaming up with One Magic Moment for a magnificent and unforgettable party for children and teens from disadvantaged backgrounds. This year on December 15th, children will be chauffeured to Bord’Elle by limousine and will be welcomed there by Santa Claus’ assistants! Among other things, here’s what’s on the menu for this magic evening: Santa Claus’ fairy air show, make-up, a magic show, a photo booth, a four-course gourmet meal, and, of course, meeting the real Santa Claus himself, who will give a personalized gift to each child. This evening is also an occasion for the children to get to know some inspiring figures – Georges Saint-Pierre was one such figure during a previous edition of One Magic Moment – that will give them a good measure of hope for the future. This will assuredly be a precious gift that they will remember for a long time to come. A tip of the hat is in order to Bord’Elle for this beautiful gesture to the less well-off youth.

Boutique F1/Fanabox, clothes for MADA

The top boutique for professional sports fans in Old-Montréal is offering you the opportunity to do some useful service all while you clean out your wardrobe! Boutique F1/Fanabox is collecting clothing of good condition for the charitable organization MADA, whose mission it is to offer free social and crisis services, as well as to be a refuge for peoples in need. In 2018, MADA, along with others, distributed an amazing 139,125 articles of clothing.

For more information on clothing collection: call (514) 393-9904 or visit their website: www.f1boutiquecanada.com

Bota Bota, spa on the water, recognition for Pont, and care for Le Chaînon

During this holiday season, the employees of Bota Bota become jolly little elves and busy themselves with organizing an event to thank the volunteers of Pont and show them a wonderful time with the old and new refugee families that they have welcomed. What is Pont? It is an NPO that helps refugee families find housing and reintegrate into society by the end of three or four weeks after their initial arrival.

The active and generous little elves of Bota Bota, spa on the water, will also offer a moment of well-earned relaxation to women in difficulty, thanks to their association with Le Chaînon. What better way to restore courage and hope to anyone run down by life than with a day of spa treatments and massages?

Blöme Blow Dry Bar, collection of non-perishable canned goods

The well-known Old-Montréal beauty salon is giving you the chance to contribute to the replenishment of food banks, whose needs are blatant and ever-growing. How can you help? It’s so easy! When you come to the salon for your appointment, bring a can of food, a tube of toothpaste, or a bottle of shampoo along with you in a grocery tote or your purse, and drop it in the box marked for donations at Blöme Blow Dry Bar. Because giving is caring.

Unibar and Tommy, winter coats for those in need

On Thursday, December 5th, from 5pm to 8pm, Apéro Manteau will be held, in collaboration with the Partageons l’espoir foundation at Unibar and the Tommy cafés and restaurants. The idea behind Apéro Manteau is simple and exciting: Just bring a winter coat of good condition to donate, and you will receive a glass of champagne in return!
One good deed that will please those who give just as much as those who receive!