17 Sep 2019

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The first Tea Festival is coming to the Old-Montreal

The first Tea Festival is coming to the Old-Montreal

No need to be jealous of Quebec anymore! Émilie St-Pierre-Plourde, the founder of the festival, is bringing it to the Bonsecours Market. On October 5th at the heart of the Old-Montreal, you will have the opportunity to discover teas, customs, exhibitors and little stories about one of the most popular drinks in the world and all its variations.

Tea is like a gate to the rest of the World
“I really want this event to be a cultural immersion and a gate to the rest of the world,” explains Emilie with enthusiasm. We often talk about the Orient in this festival and what I like, is that we do it through tea and different activities.” Indeed, the festival offers many activities, workshops and conferences around this beverage, included tales and legends that might interest children. Feel like experiencing an authentic Japanese tea ceremony? Or you want to know the differences between the various black teas? Then, it’s definitely the place to be!

Tea, cups, herbal tea and more!
“This festival is equally for the novice and for the experts”, reassures Emilie for whom gathering people around a cup of tea is a sign of conviviality that she particularly enjoys. “You don’t only have tea under its classic form, everything related to this beverage is highlighted: kombucha, herbal tea, infusion, but also art crafts made around tea, with the attendance of many Quebecers ceramists”, she explains with enthusiasm.

Finally in Montreal!
Émilie St-Pierre-Plourde has already organized 3 editions of this festival where she lives in Quebec and now, she’s ready to take the plunge in Montreal. “But I need to say that this project initially developed from a financing activity when I was at the CEGEP in Rimouski! Eventually, it became bigger and when I saw how successful it was, I decided to create my own event planning business” explains the young woman. Step by step, she built this festival that keeps going strong. Why the Bonsecours market? That’s an obvious location choice that she made “for the appeal of the market and the perfect location in the Old-Montreal.”

The list of the exhibitors, workshops and conferences are available on the website but don’t wait too long: some activities are quite popular and places are limited. Good to know: the tickets will be on sale at $15 starting from October 4th, and they will cost $18 at the gate.

Photos: JHA Photographie