23 Jan 2020

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Staying healthy in winter

Staying healthy in winter

While some enjoy the magic of winter and the beauty of snow-covered landscapes, for others, this time of year can be a source of constant depression. Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), stems from the fact that winter days are shorter and one’s exposure to daylight therefore becomes much more limited. This results in the sense of constant depression that can often last several months until the arrival of spring.

If, in this new year, you want to prioritize your mental well-being, discover the establishments in Old Montreal that make your health their top priority!

The Benefits of Halotherapy

Halotherapy is a therapy using salt, which is inspired by the positive effects that proximity to the sea has for some people. With this in mind, Spa William Gray, located in the hotel of the same name on rue Saint Vincent, offers a unique thermal experience with a halotherapy room filled with Himalayan salt blocks and a halogenerator that diffuses salt particles into the air. The spa also offers massages using Himalayan salt stones that reduce inflammation and detoxify the body, all while helping you relax.

The Benefits of Light Therapy

Light therapy is a form of therapy that helps treat seasonal depression by using artificial light. Indeed, the use of artificial light replicates the feeling of being exposed to the sun, thus getting right to the root of the problem! According to the Canadian Medical Health Association website, about 2-3% of Canadians are severely affected by seasonal depression during their lifetime, and 15% of the population is generally affected to a lesser degree.

Light therapy may be recommended by your doctor if you present symptoms of seasonal depression.

While waiting for the return of spring, you can find what you need in the neighbourhood to put you back into a good mood! For the second consecutive year, Old Montreal has set up lights all around the neighbourhood to can be admired until the end of February. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy a nice walk as a couple and simply marvel at the beautiful lights that will, without a doubt, make you smile!

A Better Health Through Meditation

More and more practices to help combat everyday stress are being developed daily. With this idea in mind, Toro Holistic Centre located on rue Sainte Helene offers a whole range of services to help you fight stress and anxiety and regain serenity. Meditation can be practiced in the comfort of your own home, but if you are not sure how to go about it or where to start, Toro Holistic Centre offers meditation sessions to guide you and help you take full advantage of this practice in the best possible way.

“Through mindfulness meditation, we learn to free ourselves from negative emotions and bring out positive ones,” says Tatiana, who runs Toro Holistic Center. There are several approaches to relieving stress and the owner explains how a typical session usually unfolds: “During our sessions, we turn our attention inward and explore the INTERNAL causes of stress and how they influence the way we react to external stressors. Through better self-awareness, we become better equipped to handle stressful situations.”

The establishment also offers sessions for companies wishing to invest in the well-being of their employees. A free telephone consultation is provided.