11 May 2021

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Spring Readings

Spring Readings

Fair spring weather always makes us want to spend our free time outdoors. Why not make the most of the nice weather by catching up on some reading? Grab a coffee, a lemonade, or a glass of wine and settle down to enjoy a good book.

With birds, flowers, BBQ cookouts, and dream-like fiction on our minds, we asked our neighbourhood booksellers at Librairie Bertrand (430 Saint-Pierre Street) to dig up some books that evoke this magical season when nature slowly awakens after a long winter. They’ve unearthed a varied selection for a wide audience, from those interested in nature, to gourmet cooking, and of course fans of novels.

French Reading Suggestions:

Arbres : secrets et mystères de la forêt is a YA documentary that explores the ins and outs of trees and their function in biodiversity. We bet after reading, you will have fun with your family identifying the trees that you pass during your walks in Old Montreal!

BBQ santé is a cookbook bursting with ideas for your next barbecue. In this book, you will find colourful recipes that hold up vegetables as king alongside the classic meats, and also includes some vegetarian alternatives. It’s a must-read for BBQ season, and endorsed by well-known nutritionist Geneviève O’Gleman.

Les enfants sont rois. A new novel by Delphine de Vigan. This is the story of Mélanie, wife and mother, who likes to show off her two children, Sammy and Kimmy, on her YouTube channel. One day, Kimmy, age 7, disappears. The investigation is entrusted to Clara, who, alongside the readers, discovers the universe of influencers and the violence of social media. It’s a story that you won’t want to put down!

Jardiner Tout naturellement is a wonderful book on gardening. It is a Quebecois book that will help you smoothly begin your rural or urban garden. This spring, discover the pleasure of putting your hands in the dirt thanks to Laurie Perron and Sarah Quesnel-Langlois, two passionate horticulturists.

J’ai échappé mon cœur dans ta bouche is a Quebecois fictional story by Samuel Larochelle. In this intimate story, the author blurs the line between what one can say out loud and what we (too) often keep to ourselves. Through a combination of vulnerability and humour, he explores themes of love, consent, how meetings function, sexuality, and one’s relationship to their body, employing images and impactful concepts. Over the course of the pages, he exposes his story, his thoughts, his scars, his wild anecdotes, and his dreams. This book is at once funny, moving, and caustic, but always disarmingly honest.

English Reading Suggestions:

The Language of Flowers is an anthology collection of the 50 most popular flowers that reviews each one’s particular features This magnificently illustrated tome is perfect for flower lovers and will most certainly inspire anyone who reads it.

The Bedside Book of Birds is a book in the nature/environment category that explains how birds live according to their species. In it, the author underscores the relation between bird and man.

The Forever Girl is a fictional story that explores themes of family, forgiveness, and life-changing secrets. Once again, prolific American author Jill Shalvis brings us a love story that will satisfy fans of the genre.

The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur is a classic in the world of poetry. After Milk and Honey, which saw phenomenal success and remained at the top of the New York Times Best-Seller List for nearly a year, the author released this second poetry collection. It comprises five chapters, including drawings by Rupi Kaur scattered throughout, and explores the depth of human emotion.

Cut Flower Garden is not only a book about gardening, but also a guide to understanding flower cultivation. Enjoy this work filled with full-colour photos of flowers and discover how to best care for your plants according to season, type of flower, etc. This is a must-read for those who want healthy flowers year-round.

Photos: Librairie Bertrand