04 Feb 2019

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Romantic excursions in the Old-Montreal: An unforgettable Valentine’s Day

Romantic excursions in the Old-Montreal: An unforgettable Valentine’s Day

Once again, the time has come to showcase your love to your partner! If you are already lost, then we will gladly help you prepare for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

Célébrer la St Valentin dans le Vieux-Montréal

© Scandinave Spa

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to rest with your lover! Fortunately, the Saint Sulpice Hotel along with the Scandinave Spa have prepared a special wellbeing offer for the couples! With this offer, you will be able to enjoy the spa and a Swedish massage along with a luxurious Suite to rest at night.

After that, you should make a stop at Brasserie 701 to try a delicious brunch in a modern and romantic setting. You will find scones, brioches, crepes and more exquisite delicacies to share!

Célébrer la St Valentin dans le Vieux-Montréal

© Kelly Jacob

Following this great meal, why not opt for a shopping session? If you are looking to make a home with your lover this year, we have the perfect shop for you! nüspace has prepared a special Valentine’s Day list to help you arrange a comfortable home to share with your other half. Teapot, lanterns, cocktail kit… you will find a whole range of objects to decorate your living space and make it even more elegant and welcoming than before!

Now, it might be time for a little snack and I’m sure you will agree that shopping makes people hungry. No doubt L’Amour du Pain will arouse your appetite with their delicious pastries! It’s the perfect place to take a break before hitting the road again towards more romantic excursions!

Valentine’s Day is not only the perfect occasion to give out gifts but it’s also a golden opportunity to make new memories with the person you love. After this gourmet break, head to the Ferris Wheel to enjoy a beautiful view over the city! At nightfall, you will love this romantic moment and the panorama that the city has to offer.

To make this day special until the last minute, nothing better than a phenomenal show in good company. Head to the Bord’elle for a great dinner-theater that would put the parties of the Roaring Twenties to shame. This year, the establishment offers a special evening in honor of Valentine’s day. It surely is the perfect way to end this wonderful day on a good note.