28 May 2020

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Reopening: Help for merchants to adapt their establishment

Reopening: Help for merchants to adapt their establishment

With the reopening, a number of measures must be put in place to ensure that operations can be carried out while still respecting the health challenges surrounding COVID-19, both for employees and for customers.

Therefore, SDC Vieux-Montréal have gathered as much information as possible to help you adapt your establishments to this new reality. The CNESST Health Guide is a must and includes all of the recommendations to be adopted: https://www.cnesst.gouv.qc.ca/salle-de-presse/covid-19-info-en/Pages/back-to-work.aspx

The City of Montreal has created The Commercial Activity Consolidation Fund, which offers grants of up to $10,000 to support Montreal merchants. A sum of $3M will be available starting in June. The eligibility criteria are flexible in order to support as many commercial entrepreneurs as possible. Support is also available from specialist advisers from PME MTL, the business support network of the City of Montreal. https://montreal.ca/en/articles/support-merchants

Thanks to the financial contribution from the City of Montreal and the support of other partners, Architecture Sans Frontière Québec launched the COVID Emergency Project to help small local businesses and community organizations cope with the pandemic. Depending on the needs of each establishment, assistance may include one or more of the following services:

- Audit of premises, in order to assess and identify area/health issues.

- Recommendations for space adaptation solutions (customer walkways, signage, redevelopments, installations, etc.)

- Assistance in planning and carrying out light work, with professional volunteers if necessary.

https://www.asf-quebec.org/soutien-technique-anti-covid-pour-petits-commerces-et-organismes/?fbclid=IwAR11lRppan8BhwWv9aSZ7YEM1EBoMujkv4qoBpkY3Lix7s6RewSmOAP-xN4 (in French only)

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