01 Sep 2020

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Original Drinks You Can Find in Old Montreal

Original Drinks You Can Find in Old Montreal

Last updated: September 1st, 2020

From morning to night, here’s what you should be drinking while you’re in le Vieux:

Morning: To Your Good Mood and Good Health

Try the Sweetness of Cafécito

You are going to love Cafécito and its rosy pink décor. The colours are gentle on early morning eyes, yet energizing enough to pep you up for the day!

A Breakfast Bowl to Go

Alhoa espresso bar proposes a smoothie version of their famous açaï and pitaya bowls. Best for those busy mornings, or when you need a strong boost of energy!

Lunch: A Midday Pep-Up

Matcha Latte at Tommy’s

If you’re looking for an original drink that will add colour to your Instagram feed, you don’t have far to look. You will love the matcha latte from Tommy! Be it hot or cold, whatever your mood may be, this latte will truly satisfy!

Iced Maple Latte from Délices Érable & Cie

Who ever said that maple was just for syrup? Certainly not Délices Érable & Cie. For them, our national flavour deserves to be celebrated throughout the year! Therefore, what better way to do so than with a delicious maple-flavoured iced latte? No doubt, it will leave you speechless!

Kombucha from Paquebot Café

Want to put a little carbonation in your day? Make your way to Paquebot Café to try out their homemade kombucha. The flavours change week to week, but they are always surprising and excellent. Another of their classics, the café-limo, is an astounding combination, and as delicious a drink as there ever could be!

Limonade chez Smoothies & Limonade

Are you one to seek out a fresh lemonade when it gets hot? Head to the Old Port to find Smoothies & Limonade, concocters of delicious homemade lemonades. Their gourmet raspberry lemonade revitalized us and satisfied our sweet tooth craving, and even made a perfect subject for a few quick pics!

And Finally, It’s Happy Hour

Velvet Matcha at 409

After a long day at work, you deserve a moment of relaxation with friends, and restaurant Le 409 never ceases to amaze with its colourful cocktails! Whether you typically go cocktail, mocktail, or beer, this is one of the best casual post-work spots out there. We can’t get enough of the Velvet Matcha: El Gobernador, St. Germain, matcha, and lime, with a fresh flower garnish.

La Prisencoli at 3 Brasseurs

This summer, 3 Brasseurs is pulling out all the stops! Discover la Prisencoli, a light and fruity pale ale that plays with a blend of rye, cascade hops, and blood orange puree for a pronounced end product: a great accompaniment to the view from their St-Paul Road terrace!

“Le Paris” Cocktail at Hambar

The arrival of summer means the great return of the cocktail! Have you had Hambar's signature cocktail, “Le Paris”? This delicious and fruity drink – a blend of Lillet, St-Germain, gin, grapefruit, and thyme – will put you in a good mood from the first sip!

Supper: End the Day with a Bang

Franklin’s Subs and Suds

When you think of the retro diner, milkshakes are the first thing to come to mind, and that’s exactly how it is at Franklin’s Subs and Suds. Aside from their must-try subs, we love going here for their classic and evergreen milkshake flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. So, which one are you getting?

Slice + soda

What better to accompany a slice of pizza, than a delicious homemade organic soda? At Slice + Soda, their highly desired flavours and beautiful colours make us want to try all of them! At the top of the list: the Yakuza, with yuzu syrup, rhubarb, and fuji bitters.

Nhâu Bar

The Nhâu Bar is your last stop. This cocktail bar offers original drinks that explode with flavour! You absolutely must try the Pandan Sour, a delectable mixture of a dry rum, Pandan, Kombu, and lime sour. This signature drink from Nhâu earned the title of Cocktail of the Year in 2018! If that’s not reason enough to give it a try (or another sample), we don’t know what is!

© Photo Credit : Geneviève Giguère