15 May 2020

Time 2 minutes

Tourisme Montréal Orientations : key points

Tourisme Montréal Orientations : key points

In its recent webinar, Tourisme Montréal presented its vision regarding the economic and strategic relaunch of touristic activities in the metropolitan area, as 2020 requires a major and quick adaptation for tourism practises. Here is a summary of what came out of it.

The organization will focus on the promotion of the metropolis on two main axes to maintain its national and international appeal, namely:

  • Health security: taking care of your health has become a challenge, both on a personal and professional level and especially regarding business travel.
  • Wellness: taking care of oneself and looking after our mental and physical health has become even more important.

To translate these priorities into this new reality, the organization intends to rely on well-chosen ambassadors:

  • The Montrealers: experiencing their city on a daily basis and celebrating it will become a necessity, it is also proof of the vibrancy of this destination. Showing the beauty of the city on a daily basis is a way of betting on its appeal in any season and if it is shown by "real" people, it's also a good way to demonstrate how inviting, welcoming and pleasant Montreal is.
  • People who have already visited Montreal: sharing memories, experiences, encouraging them to rate, comment on stores, restaurants and attractions to give them visibility becomes essential, according to TM.

According to their trend forecasts in the tourism industry for the coming months, domestic tourism, both Canadian and from Québec, will take a prominent place, especially with the closed borders and the uncertainties of being able to travel by air.

The metropolis is recognized around the world as a place to be to make unforgettable memories and to preserve this reputation, Tourisme Montréal intends to count on the multitude of creative ideas, experience marketing and the distinctive joie de vivre of Montrealers!

© Photo credit Geneviève Giguère