02 Feb 2024

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Old Montreal: Notable newcomers of 2024

Old Montreal: Notable newcomers of 2024

Discover the array of new establishments opening up this year in Old Montreal! Restaurants, cafés, businesses; these exclusive addresses are welcome additions to the rich fabric of the historic quarter, very soon to join the list of places not to be missed.*

*Article regularly updated throughout the course of the year.

A growing range of gastronomic delights; gourmets take note!

Kwizinn - Sun, fun and yum!

Caribbean flavours in a colourful setting right in the heart of Old Montreal will have you whisked away to the sun and sand for the duration of your experience at Kwizinn. On the menu: fusion cuisine where traditional Caribbean dishes featuring the likes of curry, plantain and fresh fish are done with a Quebecois twist. The result? Generous and succulent creations like lobster poutine with Creole spices and pikliz, just to name one.

Mati - Opening soon

Opa! If you’re looking for a laid-back Greek taverna with prices that are easy on the wallet, this is your place. The classic Hellenic menu at Mati is inspired by the simple beauty of seasonal market produce, making for well-executed, gourmet dishes enjoyed in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

Bol de Vie - Happiness in delicious bowls

Fresh products and health-conscious cuisine go hand in hand at Bol de Vie. Their poke, burrito and smoothie bowls are prepared each morning with select vegetables and fruits of the day, and – no need to pack your suitcase – the vibrant Hawaiian flavours here will take you on an exotic trip without even having to step foot out of Old Montreal.

Yubari - Japanese fine cuisine

This gastronomic destination is tucked away in the heart of the St Paul, a boutique hotel that first opened its doors back in 2001. Yubari comes to us courtesy of the Eat drink love group, the people behind Tzatzi-qui, a Greek “cabane” in the Place d’Youville, as well as Escondite, a Montreal classic for outstanding and unconventional tacos, not to mention exceptional margaritas. In this unique epicurean universe all unto itself, where “the essence of Japanese culinary mastery” reigns supreme, every dish is such a feast for the eyes that it’s perfectly normal if you find yourself hesitating to take a bite. But once you do, taste buds and heart thoroughly conquered, you’ll be ordering more before you know it!

Yumi Burger - Opening soon

Delicious smash burgers? Yes, please! Yumi Burger is on its way to Old Montreal with its signature halal beef and chicken burgers, done smashed and sizzling on the griddle. Served with fries and a melted cheese coulis, these things are finger-lickin’ good to say the least.

Coffee, our cup of tea

Le Café Pick Me Up - A good-for-you coffee break!

Whether you’re all about matcha latte, café latte or a freshly made smoothie, the motto of this Japandi-style establishment is “placing the focus on well-being and a healthy lifestyle”, and that’s exactly what they do. Coffee in the morning, a quick snack or something delicious to lunch on, whatever you come here for, we can guarantee that it won’t do you any harm. Quite the contrary. And if, like us, the setting makes you want to stay a little longer and get some work done, don’t be surprised!

Paparmane - Opening soon

Come, sit back and sip away at an aromatic drink prepared with lovingly infused leaves in this eccentric little tea room “where the clocks stop and flowers whisper sweet secrets.” An English-style tea time experience straight out of the pages of Alice In Wonderland.

Let’s go out! Iconic Old Montreal nightclubs

The Grotto - A speakeasy that’s easy to like

To access this grotto, just follow the arrow and head down a few steps. Don’t get lost along the way though, this place is as busy as they come and the nights here are long! Whether in a group or for an intimate tête-à-tête, we go for the ambiance, the cocktails, the tapas, the subdued red lighting, but above all, we go because we know we’re in for an evening to remember.

Good to know: The Grotto is now open on Fridays and Saturdays, from 8 p.m. till late!

Art and culture, the new and beautiful

Iris Gallery - 170 Saint-Amable Street

We absolutely love the concept of this franchise that has already won over Europe and several cities here in North America. It’s all in the name: at Iris Gallery, you get a picture of your iris taken and, in about 15 minutes, you leave with a veritable work of art and a whole new point of view… on yourself! Perfect for an original family portrait, a romantic souvenir, or just to add something out-of-the-ordinary to your decor that is truly you, these creations couldn’t be more unique to every client. Good to know: the Iris experience is intended for everyone aged five and up, and while it’s not necessary to make a reservation, we recommend that you book online to be sure that you don’t end up waiting, even when they’re busy.

The services you need

REP Training Studio - 400 Saint-Jacques Street #100B

Challenge and surpass yourself in a training studio that places a premium on Resilience, Evolution and Performance, hence the name, REP. Michelle, the studio’s founder, will help you move and feel better through your choice of semi-private workout sessions, private one-on-one training, or workouts designed for small groups.

Monolith - Opening soon

Founded in 2011, this reputable marketing communications agency will very soon be working its branding and design magic here in Old Montreal. Through a combination of creativity, art and technology, the minds behind this agency bring to the neighbourhood a unique touch that is guaranteed to make some welcome waves.

Dormez-vous? - Opening soon

Just moved into the neighbourhood, or looking to replace your old mattress? The sleep experts at Dormez-vous? will help you find the bedding solution that works best for you thanks to their large selection of mattresses and sleep accessories. Rest assured, you’ll be sleeping soundly and comfortably in no time courtesy of the savvy on-site team at this store’s Notre-Dame Street location, corner Saint-Jean.

Zaddons - An ideal HR solution

Old Montreal companies, this one’s for you! If we could take some of the weight off your shoulders when it comes to your HRIS (Human Resources Information System), what would you say? Yes? Good, because that’s exactly what your new neighbour proposes. Applying their “100 Hours Philosophy”, the Zaddons team truly takes the time to evaluate your every need in order to understand your unique HR reality and put into place a customized solution that works.

Rumpf - A story of family and real estate

The Rumpf family has been specializing in the purchase and renovation of old buildings in prestigious neighbourhoods for some time, and in several countries, operating their thriving real estate portfolio via a tried and tested rental system. Drawing on an expertise and business acumen acquired over several generations, these are the people to go to when a company is looking to establish itself in a high-value location, with value-added results.

Accommodations for a memorable stay

Sonder - 408 Saint-Jacques Street

Sonder proposes five different lodging options throughout the old quarter. In these apartments, you will find all the necessary amenities in a modern setting complete with tastefully selected furnishings. Check in and make all requests and inquiries related to your stay directly from your phone for unrivalled flexibility and accessibility.

Le Petit Hôtel Notre-Dame - Opening soon

This second Petit Hôtel establishment – the first one on Saint-Paul Street was nominated for the 2024 World’s Best Awards, courtesy of Travel + Leisure – is a place where you’re sure to feel right at home thanks to its comfortable and elegant rooms. This hotel owes much of its charm to its unique marriage of historical architecture and contemporary furnishings.

Dressed in style

SUITABLEE - 233 Notre-Dame Street West

Made-to-measure suits for men at an affordable price is very much a possibility at SUITABLEE. The two talented engineers behind the concept here avail themselves of state-of-the-art technology to offer suits and shirts that are perfectly tailored to each individual and, above all, timeless and functional.

Photos : Kwizinn / Bol de Vie / Sonder / SUITABLEE / REP

NOTA BENE : Have you recently set up your business, office or trade in Old Montreal and you want to let us know about it, or did we miss one of your new neighbours? Write to us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com and it will be our pleasure to add it!