27 Aug 2020

Time 4 minutes

Luxury Tour: Take a Weekend for Yourself in Old Montreal

Luxury Tour: Take a Weekend for Yourself in Old Montreal

Last Update: August 27th, 2020

Do you already know le Vieux, because you work or live here? Do you love walking through le Vieux to observe its hallmarks of yesteryear and the insane charm of its unique, historic establishments? Or are you finally ready to discover le Vieux this summer? We have concocted the perfect readymade tour for you to fully experience le Vieux!

Day 1: Let’s Get Our Bearings!

Saturday morning, we’ll start out by taking a little brunch at the base of the Notre-Dame Basilica, at Brasserie 701. Whether you’re descending to this restaurant from the Hotel Place d’Armes above (a very excellent choice in lodging) or just walking in from the street, this chic, European-style brewery is an excellent brunch spot for a peaceful relaxing lunch alone, or together with friends!

To really immerse yourself in the neighbourhood’s ambiance, our top recommendation is to book a tour with Guidatour. Their guides know the neighbourhood so well that they will be able to inform you on everything, right down to the stones at your feet! Try one of their themed visits, and experience a tour tailored just for you!

After walking, you will have worked up an appetite. So now is the time to walk toward La Sauvagine for a bit of restoration! Here you will find a dish to meet your high expectations, ranging from seafood to wild game.

Are you into beautiful linens or clothing and fun decorative objects? Direct your steps toward Espace Pépin or Boutique Édition to find a piece of clothing or accessory that will make you swoon! For art fans, there are many art galleries, like gallery Le Bourget or Gallery Bloom, where you may be able to find the next original canvas to grace your home or office. And if you want to turn up some souvenirs or simply just look, St-Paul Street and its connecting side streets are bursting with all sorts of boutiques.

Finally, seek out a good book at Librairie Bertrand, and then for a relaxing afternoon, book a pamper session at Scandinave Spa. Whether you opt for a full treatment, or you simply want to just enjoy some hydrotherapy, you won’t be disappointed by the clean look and enveloping warmth of this establishment.

Now that the evening has begun, it’s time to think about supper… A dinner at the pub Wolf and Workman, only a few minutes’ walk from the spa, is in order! The occasion of this beautiful weekend escapade is well-worth sampling one of the delicious dishes from the menu, such as their Beaurivage pork schnitzel, or the mussels meunière with leeks.

Return to your hotel; tomorrow, another beautiful day awaits.

Day 2: The Fun Continues!

Wake up to the soft Sunday sunrise, and start your day with the luxury of St-James, or the chic William Gray. First of all, the view is outstanding, and secondly, the “Brunch et boozy” menu is very satisfying. If you would prefer staying in the city street ambiance, hit up either P’tit Dep or Tommy for a coffee. Neighbouring Place Royale, Tommy has the charm of being close, and this well-polished esthetic that puts you in a great mood.

Next on the menu after that, art fans need to experience the sure-fire success that is Centre PHI! Their exhibits that blend art and technology are, more often than not, odes to intelligent reflection and multisensorial marvels.

Those that prefer history should head on over toward Château Ramezay, where impassioned historians are dusting off the old preconceived notions of New France, and always eagerly sharing anecdotes and secrets about the neighbourhood. Hosting large-scale expositions, the Pointe-à-Callière Museum should also be at the top of your list of places to see.

Equally as important, take some time to enjoy the gastronomic culture of the neighbourhood and stop by Auberge St-Gabriel, a centuries-old institution whose quality is matched by the age of its stone walls. Le Monarque is another excellent option, being along the lines of a chic brewery, located on Saint-Jacques Street.

After a good meal, move toward the river and La Grande Roue de Montréal, for a picturesque view of the historic neighbourhood that is pretty enough to be on a postcard.

And if you didn’t know, waffle time is all the time. Let LaPop’s promising scents will grab you helplessly by the palate, as you watch waffles with customizable toppings made right in front of you. This is a simple, yet masterful way to close out your weekend in le Vieux.

Finally, stay long enough for one last supper if you haven’t yet tried Gibby's (rustic), Maggie Oakes (contemporary), or Barroco (vintage and plush)! And of course, don’t hesitate to come back, there is still much more to taste, see, and discover...