28 Jan 2019

Time 3 minutes

King’s Cake, macarons and more – The incredible desserts of Christian Faure

King’s Cake, macarons and more – The incredible desserts of Christian Faure

You only have a few days left to enjoy the king’s cake at Christian Faure and it is also your last chance to win a golden coin! But no worries, other hidden treasures from the prestigious pastry chef await all year long, you wouldn’t want to miss the traditional expertise of Maison Christian Faure !

January is over and so is the time of the King’s Cake

Did you get the fève this year? Or are you one of the 1000 lucky customers who won a golden coin? In 2019, Maison Christian Faure decided to put a golden coin in 1000 random cakes, so a bite could be worth a small fortune! The pastry chef Christian Faure decided to spoil his clients this year! If you enjoy the cake and was crowded King or Queen, you probably had a great time, but if you are really lucky, you might win a golden Canadian coin and a celebratory cocktail!Galettes, macarons et compagnie, les formidables desserts de chez Christian Faure“Respecting the traditions is important but I feel like we are slowly forgetting about the galette! I think it’s important that the traditional way of making a king's cake lives on!” Says Chef Christian Faure.You like almonds and surprise? Well, in that case you have until January 31st to get a beautiful galette!

Traditions in the spotlight all year long

When you are a Chef who has received the prestigious title of “Meilleur ouvrier de France”, tradition is always the center of your practice. This expertise gained through hard work is the guarantee for excellent products that cannot leave anyone indifferent. For this new year, new workshops will also be offered at the famous baking shop.Every month, one or several Serious Amateurs lessons will allow you to explore the art and science behind the most famous desserts. During these 6 hours, 2h30 of demonstration and 3h30 of practice, you will learn the secret behind these exquisite desserts, in a friendly atmosphere.Good to know: for some lessons, parents can come with a child of 8 to 12 years old for no extra cost!

Valentine’s Day Macarons in February: here’s your perfect gift!

Galettes, macarons et compagnie, les formidables desserts de chez Christian FaureYour soulmate loves macarons? This little dessert, both creamy and crunchy, tender and fresh with rich flavors is easy to eat but hard to share! It is slowly becoming an alternative to the traditional Valentine’s chocolate and we have the perfect event for you! On January 16th, a “Serious Amateurs” lesson is telling you all about macarons! This year, why not offer this lesson to your beloved or to a precious friend? You can take the class together, but you can also take it by yourself and then offer the fruit of your labor as a proof of love!Update: There is only one spot left for the lesson on February 16th but other macaron classes will be available on May 11th and August 17th.