22 Dec 2015

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Playlists

Ho-Ho-Holiday Playlists

Here we go! Almost all the calendar’s chocolates have been eaten, and Christmas Eve is two days away.

Christmas is widely celebrated around the world, and we all have our own Holiday traditions. For me, it’s cozying up in front of Love Actually, a movie so touching that it brings me to tears (every time). However, there is one tradition that I believe to be common to many people: basking in Holiday music.

To this end, I have assembled an amalgam of fabulous playlists. Here is a list which includes a variety of different musical ambiances that will serenade you during this festive time of the year. My colleagues couldn’t wait for this article to be published, as I have been blasting these songs at the office since November 1st


Moment: Pyjama Party with the Girls

There is nothing better than a pop mix to accompany your pyjama parties. With a martini in hand and some Justin Bieber Christmas tunes, it’s hard to ask for more!

Click here!

Moment: The Romantic Fondue Evening

A Christmas R&B ambiance for you and your lover during your fondue supper beside the fire and/or on a bearskin mat… How does that sound?

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Moment: Gift Wrapping

If you’re the kind of person that looks for gift-wrapping inspiration on Pinterest to craft beautiful bundles out of recycled paper decorated with dried fruits, this playlist is for you.

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Moment: Family Christmas Supper

Going to Christmas supper at your aunt’s house and can’t stand listening to her Christmas cassette for the millionth time? Change it up with these timeless Christmas classics.

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NB : Playing a Celine Dion Christmas album is a guaranteed success… or your money


Moment: The Pre-drink

School’s out, and the office is empty. It’s time to go out to one of the neighborhood’s cool bars, and you are hosting the pre-drink.

Here’s what you’ll put on for your friends.

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Moment: Clean-up Before the Guests Arrive

Guests are coming in days and you have a lot of tidying up to do? There’s nothing better than great vintage hits to make you groove during your cleaning.

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Moment: For All Grinches

If you’re the kind of person that truly hates the Holidays, and wishes you were already in June, I also thought of you.

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So that’s it, Happy Holidays :)