27 Oct 2020

Time 1 minute

Gens du Vieux Introduce Themselves and Invite You to Come See Them!

Gens du Vieux Introduce Themselves and Invite You to Come See Them!

We’ve met several of our neighbours, workers and residents of Old Montreal known as Gens du Vieux, who are eager to meet you!


In these short video presentations, the Gens du Vieux introduce themselves and their businesses, and invite you to come say hi and support them during this difficult time. Some of them are newcomers to the neighbourhood, such as Penny who owns Chat-Colate, and Pamela from Petit Duck Shoppe. And some of them have been in the area for many years, like Nicole, whose boutique Le Magasin général has been established in Old Montreal for about twelve years, or Jean-Charles who owns Photo Service, a family business currently on its third generation!


It makes little difference whether these Gens du Vieux are old mainstays or are fresh faces to the neighbourhood, every single one of them thanks you for shopping local and staying resolutely focused on the future. They have nothing but smiles and soothing words of hope.


Once more, the community of Old Montreal shows us that it knows when it needs to pull together, because “united, we can get through this crisis. One breath at a time,” as Tanya from Yoga Vieux-Montréal so perfectly put it.