09 May 2016

Time 2 minutes

Gens du Vieux - Designer Travis Taddeo

Gens du Vieux - Designer Travis Taddeo

Travis Taddeo

Owner and designer

Sans titreEver heard of Travis Taddeo?As a true aficionado of minimalistic street wear, this designer carves his own path with his chic edgy style.His last 2016-2017 fall-winter collection was a sensational hit at the Fashion Preview on April 5th. As a fan of the black on black style, he has a unique way of merging classic taste with his own brand of character. Travis takes pride in the high quality of the garments used for his ensembles and how these garments are arranged to create the perfect cut.travisAbout Travis Taddeo When we asked Travis where he got his inspiration for his creations, he answered that it really depended on his mood. He is often inspired by watching the styles of people who walk by his boutique and tapping into the environment of Old Montreal to express his emotions through fashion.We wanted to know what motivated him the most to put in so much effort in his work because innovation in fashion can be quite the task. He admits that doing the work that he does requires a great deal of passion. He loves creating and constantly searching for higher quality materials as he says that “it’s such a big part of me.” He acknowledges though that his biggest source of inspiration is seeing how thrilled people are by his creations.travSo where to find this talented designer? In Old Montreal. The story of Travis and Old Montreal is a real lovers’ tale. Since he considers himself to be somewhat of a loner, he loves the tranquility and the exclusive aspect that Old Montreal offers. He admits that he has always wanted to live in the neighbourhood because everything is accessible here.What are his favorite places?Travis says to be taken away by Olive et Gourmando, a true classic for great coffee and delicious small plates. It’s also located right beside his boutique and allows him to take a relaxing break while enjoying some quality food.Philemon Bar is THE place for him to spend a night out with close friends while enjoying some excellent music.He admits to being pretty loyal to his favorite places, but he has been dying to eat at Venice, a new gem in the neighbourhood, when he has some free time.As a designer who is filled with ambitions and who has a unique personality, Travis Taddeo is an innovator who participates in enhancing Old Montreal’s beauty in his own way. If you are as charmed by his talent as we were, you can go visit him at his workshop-boutique. You will not be disappointed!Source photos of the show (FP2016): Jean-François Galipeau