02 Dec 2019

Time 3 minutes

What to wear for the holidays? Suggestions for outfits, treatments and makeup!

What to wear for the holidays? Suggestions for outfits, treatments and makeup!

Since the holidays are usually the biggest occasion to dress up to the nines and immortalize moments between friends, colleagues, or family members, here are some tips for finding the best look for any situation.

Shops for her...

The workshop-boutique of designer Denis Gagnon should be one of your first stops in our historic neighbourhood. The wild child of Québécois fashion has everything for original and crazy looks to create nice, different, and daring outfits. Here, we found the perfect little black dress to match with pumps, boots, or sneakers, and which would work during the whole season with matching holiday accessories.

For more than two years, the creator John Fluevog’s building has been a roadside installment in Old Montréal. His shoes are the very definition of original, and everyone attracted to them surely has the soul of an artist. With these shoes, everything about you will be noticed from head to toe!

BLØME Beauty bar is an interesting place, especially during the holiday season where between work, invitations, and gift shopping, there is not a lot of time to stop and relax. Need a breather? BLØME is the best option. You can take advantage of their 2-for-1 hair and nails service, for example. A sleek cut and a nice manicure at one address; that’s the fashionista secret you’ve been missing out on!

Shops for him…

Clusier offers a true value. From the storefront window on rue McGill laisse, you can catch a glimpse of how fancy this company is; a gentleman’s shop, through and through. They offer suits, shirts, and also accessories (especially accessories!). Everything here is of good taste. Do not hesitate to walk in and ask questions. The staff and stylists there can help guide you to finding the outfit that best suits you!

Once your outfit is taken care of, direct your steps toward Maison Privée. If the devil is in the details, clearly the finishing touches make all the difference in the world. In this case, look no further than a freshly cared-for haircut and beard. With style and dexterity, the barbers of Maison Privée will give you a good reason to smile in your Christmas photos!

Rainspa has developed a line of products that were designed specifically to the reality of men’s needs. Winter, stress, an excess of good meals, and year-end fatigue are among the many reasons you should let yourself go and be rewarded with a well-rested spirit and a revitalized body, just in time for 2020’s arrival!

On rue St-Paul, the Michel Brisson boutique is also a great, well-ordered place where only the finest clothing is displayed. But what we found most attractive and practical were the versatile, all-terrain black Chelsea boots. They match easily with anything in your wardrobe. The price may be a little bit of an investment, but they are worth the cost: they will often (read: always!) be on your feet, and will give you a real dandy flare!