18 Jul 2019

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On a boat, everything is perfect!

On a boat, everything is perfect!

The river shuttle that links Pointe-aux-Trembles to the Old-Montreal has been available since June 16th and more than 8500 passengers have used it in the first two weeks. The number can surprise, but the fact is that this new shuttle has everything to please the crowd! This new itinerary is a great addition to the one already available from Longueuil during Summer. This new liaison ensures that the historical neighborhood of the Old-Montreal is still well-served and accessible to the public.

© Pierre Vancampenhout

A river that leads to the Old-Montreal
Operating 7 days a week, the workers from the South shore can use the shuttle and so can the visitors! Just like the other shuttles, this one stops on the Jacques Cartier Pier, only a few steps away from the shopping streets of the Old-Montreal! Spas, Art galleries, shops, museums, terraces, bars and restaurants…The Old-Montreal is the perfect place for visitors who want to enjoy themselves! Moreover, in our special guide, you will find some of the best places to have original and delicious ice-creams in the neighborhood!

One more water-route towards Pointe-aux-Trembles
In 30 minutes, the users can go from one shore of the Saint-Laurent river to the other for only $3,50 for a pedestrian and $4,50 for a cyclist. It’s the perfect way to avoid traffic! Summer doesn’t always mean holidays for everyone so, why not use this opportunity to take a little break and trade the streets for the river?

This shuttle was tested last year and this year, it has become a pilot project. It will be running from June 17th to September 28th. The schedule of the departures and arrivals can easily be found on the Narvak website, in the ticket booking section. If this new itinerary is successful, it might become available every summer!

© Jean Fou