27 Sep 2019

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Climate Walkout: Unpredictable Traffic even in the Old Montreal

Climate Walkout: Unpredictable Traffic even in the Old Montreal

As we can read on the official website of The Service de police de la ville de Montreal (SPVM), “Circulation in the areas between Berri and Peel Streets, and between St. Joseph Boulevard and De la Commune Street will be especially difficult due to the barriers and the large number of participants expected.”

Credit photo: SPVM

For this climate march, the organizers are expecting a larger number of participants compared to the one they had in March, especially with the presence of Greta Thumberg. As a matter of fact, more than 365 000 pupils and students have decided to skip class to participate.

It should be noted that the authorities didn’t want to make public the manifestation route for safety reasons according to the SPVM. If you need to go to the city centre, you should favour public transportation. Some paths might also be altered. The STM has announced that all public transportation will be free of charge, which is also an initiative expanded to Greater Montreal. You should also take in consideration that some main roads and bridges will be blocked or closed.