18 Aug 2020

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Encouraging Your Child to Eat Well!

Encouraging Your Child to Eat Well!

Last update: Tuesday August 18th, 2020

If you want to encourage your little foodies, your chefs-in-the-making, the adventurous tasters among us, all while ensuring you can impart the value of eating well, then count our historic neighbourhood as one of your most powerful allies! Time to pick up the forks, apprentice chefs and food critics!


The Marché des Éclusiers, is a perfect and lively stop beyond compare, with its outstandingly fresh products and all its producers, who are proud to share their haul. Because eating well includes shopping smart, meet the producers and learn where our food comes from and how it can nourish the heart and mind of your little gourmands.


L'Académie Culinaire offers parent-child classes, summer camps, or even classes for teens on a wide variety of gourmet themes! Everyone will find themselves with a spoon in their mouth! If you’re interested in enrolling your child, you better hurry: spots for these classes are getting scooped up faster than chip dip! Plus, they also have meal boxes with some pretty evocative names: the Guardian Box, the Navigator Box, and the True Vacation Box, just to name a few!

Les Moulins La Fayette, also has cooked meals that can be consumed at home or on a picnic. From their savoury sandwiches, to their succulent sauce bolognaise and their calzones, whatever you choose will help you save a lot of time without sacrificing any quality.


Cookie Stéphanie: enjoy a small (delicious) taste of a gluten-free, dairy-free gourmet cookie or cake. Now’s the time to show the world that excellent cuisine with no compromises is very possible, even if an intolerance or an ethical choice forces us to reinvent the classics!

For those allergic to gluten, La boulangerie Le Marquis sans gluten is also a most interesting option! Since 2012, they have been creating breads, viennoiseries, and pastries that are 100% gluten-free, so you can treat yourself without any worries!


Lunch à porter: Let’s start preparing food at home, rather than buying pre-made; it’s time to pack our lunch! With a simultaneous visual and gustatory pleasure, ease of use, and anti-leak technology, all while maintaining a steady temperature level, no one could possibly say no (not even the adults) to these creative accessories and utensils that can help you create your own meal to go.

Le Vieux is your summer vacation destination! Whether you’re out with the family or focusing on the food, you will definitely find something to fill your time in the neighbourhood!

© Photo Credit 1 & 3: Académie Culinaire
© Photo Credit 2: Les Moulines La Fayette