17 Aug 2018

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Chic and trendy, a wedding in the Old Montreal!

Chic and trendy, a wedding in the Old Montreal!

That's it, you are engaged! So it's already time to organize your wedding day! Count on your guests to make it unforgettable, and for the rest… count on the Old Montreal!

On The Bride’s Side

For the dress, Justine, from Dream It Yourself, gives us her expert advice: cut, fabric, color, everything to choose from! Find all the details in our special box below! The Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street shop is also a mine of essential and well-thought-out accessories. They also propose workshops of deco, DIY projects and "handmade" products for your guests or decoration.

qFor hair and makeup, Studio MW will definitely be your ally! These devoted professionals will accompany you in choosing your beauty style: "We recommend to have at least 2 hairstyles/makeup tests. A free consultation is also suggested before booking the tests and making an appointment for the D-day, " says Ines, from Studio MW. It should be noted that the trends are simple and minimalist buns that look "easy to achieve" with a flawless finish. “Flawless but messy” buns are also popular.

Studio MW - mariage coiffure | Vieux Montreal

On The Groom’s Side

Patricia Trépanier, a personal stylist for men in Montreal since 2008, specializes in business wardrobe, perfect for a chic look on the big day! She gives us her dress tips in the special box below on how the groom and groomsmen will all be beautiful and trendy than each other, with particular attention on comfort and detail! Look no further, the coolest and most stylish groom will be at your wedding! You can go to Patricia’s studio on St-Jacques Street, make an appointment for custom advice!

look - groom - marié - patricia-trepanier | Vieux Montreal

Haircut and beard or mustache, the man who gets married must be impeccable! Trust your head to Maison Privée, the first branch opened in 2015 in a beautiful heritage building located on the Rue de l’Hôpital. The establishment also offers facials and the 7 barbers who work there are experienced professionals who will make your head the most beautiful of the neighborhood!

The Party, The Ceremony & The Meal

For the reception and the ceremony, once again Old Montreal stands out! Lay or religious, there are alternatives for every couple but always chic and elegant!

Experience Old Montréal, the wedding expert in Old Montreal who offers different establishments for different atmospheres, sizes, and decorations. You will definitely find one for you! It is noteworthy that several reception areas are in hotels, so this can be very advantageous if you also want to book rooms on site because you can get a preferential rate.

Experience Old Montreal - mariage réception | Vieux Montreal

Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel has several spaces to rent according to your preference and number of guests. The Chapel will give a historical touch to your wedding, a nice way to unite your souls and show your love in front of centuries-old sacred stones!

As the Chapel is a place of worship, you have the opportunity to have a religious ceremony. Something good to know: the gazebo can accommodate up to 20 people, and the crypt can accommodate up to 80 people in cocktail style and 50 people in theater style. All seasons are good to visit; however, according to Line who deals in particular reservations, from January 15th to March 1st the Museum and the chapel are closed, so the access is exclusive in every way.

The Pointe-à-Callières museum also has an impeccable offer and several options, depending on your number of guests. L’Espace 360, in particular, all glazed and overlooking the St-Lawrence river and the Old Montreal, has everything to fall in love with! They also offer a great catering service on site, whose delights are a real treat.

Finally, another option, you can choose to take off with your guests! The Bateau-Mouche Cruises are indeed an original opportunity to receive your guests, and the view of the architecture of Old Montreal with the gentle breeze of the river is a pleasure to consider!

The cake is the high point of the meal where you will be in the spotlight. Don’t hesitate to entrust it to the Maison Christian Faure, led by none other than the famous French pastry chef who has won the prestigious distinction of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. This way, you make sure that your cake will be as beautiful as it will be good. And that is not a small thing to say since we know for sure that desserts made by Chef Christian Faure are true works of art! Whether you want a wedding cake, a multi-layered cake, macaroons or choux pastry, nothing is too crazy!

gateau mariage patisserie Christian Faure | Vieux Montréal

Love Is In The Details!

For your wedding photos, the Old is an ideal neighborhood that offers a thousand nooks and romantic scenery that gives character to each shot!

Regarding flowers, decoration, and bouquet, Le Tulipier will be able to produce custom floral arrangements for the ceremony and the reception!

Seal and stationery: you are happily married and soon will have the time to say thank you to the loved ones that have shared with you these precious moments. An original way to seal or mark all your correspondence after the wedding: the wax seal or the ink pad, so chic! Papeterie Casse-Noisette has everything you need.

For the wedding list, Old Montreal is full of good places. The Pepin Shop and Le Walk-in are two shops where the newlyweds will surely find a nice list! At Maison Pépin, you will find decorative objects, furniture, wallpaper, cement tiles... Everything is chic, beautiful, design and functional. Le Walk-In is a mine of well-thought and original decorative accessories that will bring a touch of uniqueness to your home interior or Wedding ceremony.

5 Quick Questions About the Bride's Dress

Answers: Justine, Dream Team Créatrice from Dream It Yourself

1. Is there a preferred fabric for the dress or does it depend on the cut chosen?

The noblest fabrics (lace, crepe, silk) are often preferred for the wedding dress. These fabrics give character to the dress and fall nicely on the bride. However, there is no "rule" in this area. Each bride, depending on her style, sensitivity, and budget, will focus on different fabrics. My advice to brides is to make sure they are comfortable with the quality and nature of the chosen fabrics. An irritating tissue will make the dress much less bearable on the D-day!

2. Short or long? Dress, skirt or pants? How is the 2018-2019 trend going?

The trend of bohemian dresses prevails for the next season. Guipure of cotton, sleeves, slits… The wedding dress disrupts the codes and moves away from the traditional strapless dress. Like Meghan's dress, there is also a lot of sobriety in the new collections. Finally, the latest trend that is gaining momentum: games of transparency that give a feminine side while keeping a very sophisticated and distinguished look.

3. Accessories, are there some must-haves that should not be neglected?

The veil is, of course, a must in the bride’s set of accessories. There are variants to the classic lace veil. Brides do not hesitate to choose a veil with floral appliqués or even a cape that falls over the shoulders. Accessories that are often overlooked are underwear. Backless bra, silicone shell, seamless underwear on nude colors. The underwear of the bride must be adapted to her dress and her comfort. Remember: pretty lace undergarments are reserved for the wedding night!

4. White, off-white, beige or color? What are the best criteria to choose the tone of her dress?

The color of the bride's dress will depend on her skin tone and the style she is looking for. For example, it is advisable to avoid a crisp, cold white for brides with pale skin. A nice off-white or ivory will be more flattering to their complexions. Our brides, more bohemian, love blush, champagne or nude colors for their dresses. This gives a natural and less formal touch to the wedding dress.

5. Two outfits are mandatory or only one for the day and the evening is ok?

All our dresses can be worn from the beginning to the end of the day without any problem because they are light and fluid dresses. For a bride who has opted for a "princess" dress, with an extra-large train and many materials, I will recommend a second dress to enjoy the whole day from A to Z. The same goes for shoes. If you have chosen high heels and you are not used to wearing them, you need to plan a solution for the end of the day!

5 Quick Questions About the Groom's Style

Answers: Patricia Trépanier, personal stylist for men in Montreal since 2008

1. Is tailor-made really essential?

No, except if your silhouette is atypical, very athletic or if you have a very specific need not found in shops. It is not necessary to resort to customization. There are various brands, styles, and price ranges of ready-made clothes.

2. What is the 2018-19 groom's palette?

In men's fashion, we see a lot of sage green and old rose. These colors can be exciting to wear as an accent or as a whole look. Alternatively, several brands, including Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton, presented complete looks from head to feet in cream color for 2019. On the other hand, it is important to remark that both colors are very difficult to wear, so do it only provided they suit your complexion and the atmosphere of the wedding. Of course, the night blue is not near to disappear, as well as black, which I think are the two best options for a formal and classic wedding.

3. If you're not a tie or bowtie guy, what are the options to be chic on your D-Day?

The Ascot knot is very chic. Or go with the collar pin for a more casual look. Mao collar shirts can also be a nice option.

4. Is linen the only cool material for a summer suit?

Not at all! There are several materials such as cotton or tropical wool which, in my opinion, is the perfect material for a light suit, which will keep you fresh and will not wrinkle like linen. However, if you like the look of linen, choose a blend of fiber rather than 100% linen.

5. If we get married in the summer, are suit-shorts a yes or a no?

I love this look for the most daring. And if it favors your body shape, why not! Of course, this is not a timeless look, and you might question yourself about this choice later on. But if you want to make a "style statement," go for it!