30 Sep 2019

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Address book: lessons and workshops

Address book: lessons and workshops

Every week, we offer on the blog, a special series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. The new school year has already begun, but that’s not a reason to stop learning! In the Old Montreal, you still have opportunities to take lessons if you want to enhance your knowledge about different subjects in groups. You can learn about baking, wine, cosmetics and even about wedding preparation thanks to all these October workshops taking place in the neighbourhood! But careful, there might not be enough places for everyone!

Maison Christian Faure

The baking school Maison Christian Faure has become a real institution in the historic neighbourhood of Montreal, and they don’t only offer classes to people who dream of becoming pastry chefs, but they also have masterclasses for those who want to impress their family and friends. If you belong to this second category, the Serious Amateurs workshops are for you! But what is it exactly? Well, this workshop is a series of 5 to 10 classes and they are the perfect introduction to professional pastry.

Ateliers et Saveurs

Ateliers et Saveurs is a culinary school with a unique concept, and they offer cocktail classes in a convivial and accessible setting. The class that charmed us the most? The Tuesdays on ice! These classes will surely make your taste buds quiver with pleasure starting in October. On Tuesday, October 1st, you will learn how to make 2 cocktails with vodka and afterwards, you will also get to try them along with 2 surprise tapa!

Espace pepin

Located on Saint-Paul West, Espace Pepin is more than a simple store, and they also occasionally offer workshops. In October, come learn more about the new solid shampoo trend! During this 2 hours and 30 minutes workshop, you will get to make your own shampoo bar with plants, clay and surfactants. For this activity, all the necessities will be supplied so that you can create your own personalized shampoo, and you will also receive an explanatory notebook to take back home everything you’ve learned during the day. Don’t miss this eco-friendly workshop held by the founder of Nuphar on October 26th.

Le Muscadin

The Italian restaurant Le Muscadin is offering a wine tasting evening with one of the world's largest private producers of Barolo Fontanafredda wines on October 2nd. For this special wine tasting, you will also enjoy a 5-course meal that will start with a delicious cocktail at 6 PM.
: 514-842-0588

Dream It Yourself

If you’re planning on getting married soon, Dream It Yourself has a special workshop for brides-to-be on October 20th. For this second edition of “On jase mariage”, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and get advice from photographers, stylists and designers. It’s the perfect occasion to ask all your questions and start planning for this important day. If you’re interested don’t wait too long, places are limited.