06 Sep 2018

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Autonomous Working or Teleworking, My Office at a Café

Autonomous Working or Teleworking, My Office at a Café

In September, we resume (or keep) our good work habits. For self-employed people or teleworkers, it is an opportunity to explore new spaces to work. What better place to do it than a café in the Old Montreal?


Crew Collective Café: We love the versatility of the spaces for rent (tables, closed offices, rooms, etc.) and also the magnificence of the old bank built back in 1928. It makes you think everything is possible!

Crew Collective Café | SDC Vieux Montréal


L’Anticafé: Warm and comfortable, a shared space where you feel good. That's an important quality! Wait, did we mention that they had just made interior renovations? It feels like home!


XavierArtisan: We love its high ceilings and large windows: lots of natural light. Also, they have a 10% discount on coffee when you come with your own cup and offer perfect snacks if you get hungry.

Xavier Artisan | SDC Vieux Montréal

© Xavier Artisan

Le Paquebot: A compelling, delightful creativity overflows their variety of coffee presentations. The setting? Just the same we would love to have in our office…

Paquebot café | SDC Vieux Montréal

© Paquebot café


Aloha Expresso Bar: Bye, bye Montreal! See you in Hawaii, after crossing the entrance of this small place. Sometimes, nothing beats a good change of scenery to feel more productive...

Aloha Expresso Bar | SDC Vieux Montréal