25 Nov 2021

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Art and Culture: Walking Through le Vieux!

Art and Culture: Walking Through le Vieux!

Old Montreal’s cultural activity offering is firing on all cylinders this season, and while we’ve already shown off some Christmas-themed activities taking place, you can count on this city’s cultural institutions to amp up its creativity and boldness and get you to clear your calendar! Here are some expos and outings that you shouldn’t miss in this oh-so-dynamic historic neighbourhood!


Les Treize Grands-Mères Lunes, Bonsecours Market (11/16-11/28)

In this exhibit, artist Anicinabe Franck Polson, member of the Long Point First Nation community in Winneway, Témiscamingue, shares long passed memories spent with his father, creating reproductions of sunsets and ambient nature scenes in the Woodland style. We loved being taken through the variety of colours and themes, and discovering a unique and powerful world in each work.

Good to know: There will be a drawing of exhibit visitors to win a prize box of the 13 art pieces, valued at $350, with each work represented on Royal Canadian coins!

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If you’re taken by Centre Phi’s creative genius, “We Live in an Ocean of Air” has everything you need. If you haven’t heard of it, this immersive experience that “reveals the hidden natural forces around us”, is unique and will definitely leave a mark. The exhibit lets you experience a moment suspended in time, and we were blown away by the sensation of escaping reality in this fresh, transcendental exploration of nature that pushed the limits of our perceptions. We were also engaged with the disconnection offered by “Habitat sonore” (free), an absolutely unique bubble of sound wrapped in a red cocoon.

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A notice to all fans of contemporary art! From November 26th to the 28th, Foire Papier is returning to the Grand Quay at Montreal Port for its 14th running, with several new artworks on the program to discover at the port and on the event’s official website. Ecstatic to meet the public again this year, the organizers are offering a unique selection of Canadian creations. We love the possibility to acquire these art pieces and to (re)discover the country’s vitality through its art!

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From December 3rd to January 29th, British artist Ian Healy is showing his works in a solo exhibition titled “Contraband” at the Youn Gallery on Saint-Paul Street.

Ian Healy is known for his lively style which “walks a fine line between meaning and form.” Across pastels, oil paints, and watercolours, his work on display is inspired by “Healy’s current interest in the history of Lithuanian book smugglers who struggle desperately to preserve their language through these books, while combating the threat of imperialism.” The exposition will begin on December 3rd, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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