07 Feb 2022

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An Evening of Cocooning While Awaiting Spring

An Evening of Cocooning While Awaiting Spring

If you’re looking to warm up your body and heart this winter season, why not schedule a moment of at-home revitalisation in your calendar? A warm bath, some aromatherapy, inviting decorations, a festive cocktail hour, and decadent desserts… We’ve compiled here for you a list of places to visit to prepare your home relaxation session. And if you want to push the cocoon idea further, you can order everything online and just wait in the warmth until the packages reach your door!

1- Beautify your cocoon

Le Walk-In du Magasin général du Vieux-Montréal, 34-C, Saint-Paul Street West

On the shelves of the Walk-In, you will find its collection of artisanal candles to inject an irreplaceable ambiance into your dwelling. Whether you prefer the effervescent scent of citrus, the warm wafts of ginger or tobacco, or maybe the soothing smell of lavender and eucalyptus, you’ll be able to find your perfect candle in this Old Montreal boutique!

Sky Fleurs, 159, Saint-Antoine Street West

To bring the light breeze of spring into your den, we offer up the creations of Sky Fleurs. Among our favourites are their indoor plants we love to watch bloom, exotic flowers with rich lively colours, and sculptural arrangements that add a spectacular touch to even the most simple homes. If you really want to spoil yourself, you can opt for their subscription service and receive a bouquet on a weekly or monthly basis!

Maison Pepin, 378, Saint-Paul Street West

In multidisciplinary artist Lysanne Pepin’s building, there are so many treasures to discover! Its impeccable selection of home goods includes linen and silk cushions and throw blankets, all available in saffron, moss green, sable, and more colours… Maison Pepin also offers a cute collection of Turkish towels, perfect for making your home feel even cozier!

2- Pamper your body

Aesop Vieux-Montréal, 239, Saint-Paul Street West

In this little Australian chain’s Montreal location, they sell gender-neutral and top-quality products for the face, body, and hair. Here at Aesop, we uncovered everything we needed for an irresistible bathing ritual, from a nourishing gel balm to perfume – the final touch. Really, all that’s left is to choose from spiced, herbal, citrusy, rose, geranium, or other scents. And while you soak in the bathtub, applying a reparative or hydrating face mask is a must during the deep cold season.

Le Petit Duck Shoppe, 398, Marie-Morin Street

Assuredly one of the most surprising businesses in the neighbourhood! At Petit Duck Shoppe, you may have guessed that they sell rubber ducks, to have floating in your bath or to display anywhere around the house, just for the joy that it brings! The classic yellow bird, ones modelled after rockstars or politicians, ones that glow in the dark… which one will capture your heart?

Artisans Canada, 122, Saint-Paul Street West

The family behind the Artisans Canada boutiques has been in business since 1946! in its Old Montreal location, you can sift through works from over 200 creators from here. It’s one of our favourite destinations to find cute and comfortable pajamas, like those from the Estrie business Petite Maison Bleu, with funny prints (can you say black bears playing hockey?). And we also took the opportunity to stock up on the Merino wool and cashmere socks from Joysleigh, a true joy for the toes!

3- Treat yourself

Fou d’ici, 503, Place d’Armes

Fou d’ici has been an obligatory stop for Montreal gourmands for more than 10 years now. Drop by here to get the stuff to make an aperitif you can enjoy at home. They sell cheeses, charcuterie, gravlax, sliced baguette, nuts, onion and fruit confit, and fresh vegetables on a plank. You can add a good bottle of microbrewery beer, cider or wine, and voilà! The happy hour of your dreams without changing out of your pajamas!

Le Marquis Signature Santé, 194, Saint-Paul Street West

We adore the inclusive bakery Le Marquis Signature Santé, which crafts products without gluten, many of which are also lactose-free, made with no added sugars, and fit into vegan and ketogenic diets. Sablés, croissants, baguettes, mousse cakes, tartes, éclairs… For once you don’t have to hold back, no matter your specific diet needs!

Chez Potier, 630, Wellington Street

At this shop, open in the neighbourhood for a few months now, they sell the sweet classics and some more bold confections, but they also have boxes of frozen viennoiseries that can be prepared at home for a “homemade” Chef’s breakfast! We caught ourselves dreaming about the mango passion cheesecake and the pink lychee raspberry McLove from Chez Potier a little too much. Just wow!

Maison Christian Faure, 355, Place Royale

This prestigious address is paradise for those who can’t resist the good old classics: Paris Brest, millefeuille, Saint Honoré, tarte au citron… And you’ll find packs of Maison Christian Faure mini meringues and marshmallows, boxes of cute macarons, and jars of jam hit your basket so fast, you’ll think they’re magnetized!

Curious Taste, 100, McGill Street

In the past few years, boutiques for exotic snacks have multiplied throughout the metropolis. During last summer, Old Montreal finally got one in the form of Curious Taste, where you can buy wasabi flavoured cotton candy, cheeseburger sunflower seeds, Spanish ham chips, or pickle candy… Those interested in more traditional flavours will find their pleasure here too, with limited edition items from well-known brands, to be devoured in front of your favourite tv show or in the bath.

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Photos: Walk-in, Aesop, Maison Pepin, Chez Potier