25 Aug 2020

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Address Book: Vital Fashion Accessories

Address Book: Vital Fashion Accessories

The end of summer means the end of vacations and back-to-school time! So whatever your reason – if you’re making the most of the last days of summer, or maybe preparing for a new start at school – we think a shopping session is definitely in order. In this article, we’ll go through the new trends of the soon-to-end season and suggest some great places and pretty accessories that you should seek out!

Gold, silver, and fantastical jewelry: Why compromise on luxury?

Bijouterie L Poirier (477 Saint-François-Xavier Street) has made a name for itself in the neighbourhood for many years. Whether you’re searching for silver or gold, gems or diamonds, you will surely find the jewelry of your dreams here. We love their emerald rings which are both delicate and elegant, and will definitely be gracing our hands for the whole autumn season. We love the deep green of this stone and the refinement in which they set their rings.

If you’re searching for necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other jewelry, look no farther than Artisan Impact (355 place d’Youville)! They boast beautiful hand-crafted silver jewelry that can come in different colours to work with any taste. We’ve literally fallen in love with the “Open Circle” silver ring. Its simplicity is effective; definitely a ring you can wear all year-round, without moderation!

Bijoux Red Tag jewelry (16 Old-Port Promenade) offers jewelry for young and old. We suggest you clear some time for this one, because there is so much to look at here that even after several visits, you’ll still be finding something new! We love their collection of silver necklaces – with their low price and huge selection, you might want to consider grabbing up a couple!

Fall fashion for your head!

Le Walk-In (34 Saint-Paul Ouest Street) is a well-known establishment in the neighbourhood, notable for its accessories. Whether you want to change your style, your look, or you just want to browse, the amount of jewelry styles they have here is matched only by that of their hair accessories: clips, scrunchies, bands, barrettes, and fabrics (cloth, leather, acrylic), in all sorts of colours… Originality and choice can be found here.

Naïf Style, (227 Saint-Paul Ouest Street) is a carefully-managed boutique where the level of scrutiny used picking their items is equal only to the immediate love you feel for the store once you walk. Here, harmonious softness and hues marry to put their pretty clothes and beautiful accessories into the spotlight. We adore their Heirloom bands, hand-made in Montreal. And since summer still isn’t over, we have to mention their pairs of “Voilé” sunglasses, and their excellent slogan: “For a vintage day, Voilé”!

Headbands have only grown in popularity and that growth shows no sign of stopping. Drop by Bonjour Montréal (421 Jacques-Cartier Place) to take a peek at their nice collection of Gibou knotted hair accessories (handmade on site, of course!), and also appreciate their 90’s vogue collection of elastic scrunchies! Fashionistas of all ages can find something to complete their look here at this accessory paradise!

Swing a new bag over your shoulder!

Designed and created in Montreal, the vegan brand Lambert (228 Saint-Jacques Street) almost needs no introduction. The handbags, fanny packs, backpacks, and more from this Quebec brand is (still) one of our must-sees this season. Multifunctional, light, very fashionably relevant, and made right here in our province, they’ve got everything going for them! Our favorite is the Sara backpack, a recent addition to the line, for its practicality and its pleasing brown colour – perfect for back-to-school!

Surely, you’re in the market for a new school bag, computer bag, or a new wallet… Le Magasin Général (34 Saint-Paul Ouest Street) will blow your mind with its huge choice of Herschel merchandise! For travel to the office, for relocation, or just for the benches at school, anyone can find a bag to meet their needs!

Shoes in just the right fit!

Delano Design (70 Saint-Paul Ouest Street), one of the snazziest places for chic accessories: sunglasses, clothing, jewelry, and this mysteriously alluring store’s biggest draw, we think – their shoes. We flipped every time we saw a new pair, each one more fantastic than the next. Their futuristic styles are ideal if you want to play the originality card when school is back in session!

Maison Pépin is well-known for its decorations, but have you visited Espace Pépin (350 Saint-Paul Ouest Street)? The only thing better than their beautiful clothes is their selection of shoes (we wanted to take each and every one home with us!). There is a wealth of options: high-heels, platforms, flats, in multiple colours and unique styles. Plus, their collection is constantly changing – colours and materials come and go, but the brand’s good taste and selection are always there. What we love the most is the fashionable brands they carry and the unique takes on classic designs.

As we see the return of cooler weather, so too do we see closed shoes and longer socks! Find your way to Mimi & August (110 McGill Street) to build out your fall wardrobe. When you get here, try not to absolutely lose your cool when you see all the amazing Montreal-made socks they’ve got. We love them, and they can put some real pep in your step this back-to-school season!

© Photo Credit 1: Lambert
© Photo Credit 2: Mimi & August