19 May 2020

Time 2 minutes

A united community’s strength and its ability to recover after a crisis

A united community’s strength and its ability to recover after a crisis



Over the past few years, a lot of work has been put into the neighbourhood to create what we are now calling New Old Montreal. We have worked hard, with a strong resolution to make this happen. And this is how a business collective in the historic neighbourhood has taken shape: local businesses, the majority of which offer unique products and services; office buildings, mostly focused on high-technology; and museums and cultural establishments, whose quality of offerings oftentimes far exceed expectations. This has all generated a surge in the historic neighbourhood’s attractiveness.

During this time, Old Montreal has seen its number of residents multiply, changing it into an integral urban area. We can say for sure that Old Montreal has experienced an accelerated period of growth. A community exists there now. One with a name that we can rally around Les Gens du Vieux !

And along with that growth, we have seen that world-sweeping catastrophic event. A pandemic that has, of course, deeply affected the members of our community and altered several plans. And who knows how long it will last?

But, we must stand strong against this torment! The business community of Old Montreal definitely has the creative spirit and the strength to overcome this challenge. We all know well that our neighbourhood has traversed some particularly difficult times in our history... And we are still here.

To Old Montreal SDC members, we have been in contact with many among you over the past few weeks. We must continue to work together.

Our hibernation period is slowly drawing to its conclusion. We are preparing our relaunch. At the end of May, Old Montreal will find its signs of nobility once more. The neighbourhood will be stunning, proud, and lively. Cleanliness will remain the standard. The urban oasis will be rebuilt. And of course, we add more knowledge to the sanitation section of our chapter on public safety.

Mario Lafrance

General Director, Old Montréal SDC

Photo credit : Geneviève Giguère