22 Feb 2016

Time 4 minutes

5 Places for Healthy Food and Beverages in Old Montreal

5 Places for Healthy Food and Beverages in Old Montreal

A wide variety of reasons such as food intolerances or allergies, or developing health- or environment-conscious eating habits have truly changed our diets these last few years.

So, how long have you been waiting to find ze perfect place? Well here we come to the rescue to show you 5 ultra-healthy places of Old Montreal that will appeal to all foodies who may be gluten free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, vegan or ecovores.



©Kelly Jacob

Scrumptious and gluten-free? What a duo! Cookie Stéfanie’s inviting and unpretentious ambiance allows you to satisfy your sugar craving with their delicious cookies and coffee. You are obviously welcome to bring some of her treats home – suggestions include: a Queen Elizabeth Cake for little August’s baptism, muffins for a Sunday in bed with your loved one, or a marvellous box of cupcakes for a Saturday afternoon with your friends.

All of this, and more without having to fish through endless pastries to find the ones that you can eat. Pretty sweet, eh?


© Facebook / Comptoir Végétarien

Can’t seem to get a healthy and filling lunch on the go? The Pepin Shop’s elegant vegetarian counter has what you need. Just as its warm ambiance which boasts many home furniture products will marvel you as you discover new ways of practicing feng shui, its health-conscious menu, consisting of vitamin-boosted smoothies, colorful salads and daily specials with crisp, fresh ingredients, will delight your pallet. My favorite is the 100% vegan brunch bowl which tastes great and fills me up for a long afternoon at work. Mmmh Mmmh Good!

Lunch boxes for the office are available if you reserve 24h in advance!




© BotaBota

We’re all well aware of the benefits of taking care of your body and mind. This is why we would like to invite to Bota Bota spa sur l’eau and its restaurant, which is managed by the Auberge sur la Route, the catering service for the Auberge Saint-Gabriel. So after a well-deserved massage (God, yes!), and just before checking out the facilities by the water, go treat yourself to their delightful menu, consisting of fresh and local produce – all year long. Their tartares and risottos are heavenly, and compliment your spa day wonderfully as you will leave Bota Bota in a state of pure bliss. Everyone needs some time off, so go alone, with your lover or your best friend, and enjoy peace of mind.



© Tommy Café

If you’re like me and often look for alternatives to cow milk for your cappuccino froth, look no further than Tommy, which has three options for you: almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk*.

You can stop by Tommy on your way to work, for a coffee break, or to get work done on your laptop in a truly warm and comforting environment. This two-story architectural jewel is located on Notre-Dame West, and also offers food for your mid-day cravings. So check it out next time you pass by, they’re also open for brunch on weekends!

*In case you have yet to try coconut milk, I highly suggest that you do ASAP. It really was my discovery of 2016!



©Kelly Jacob

The search for organic and natural products isn’t only reserved for your eating habits, but also when you’re drinking…wine! Do ever get headaches caused by the high levels of sulfites (more or less 300 milligrams per bottle) in traditional wines? If so, why not try out organic wines which contain little or no sulfites whatsoever (which will alleviate your headaches or make them go away).

Accords bar à vin + resto on Notre-Dame West offers you a great selection of organic and natural wines. Also, did you know that it one of the largest organic wine bars in the country? Your love of wine will be quenched in the most beautiful and natural way.

Also, their care and attention to detail with their wine can be observed with their menu, featuring local products and offering delicious alternatives to people with allergies or who have a gluten-free diet.

Shall we reserve a table for your next enriching, natural and elegant culinary experience?