11.02.2024 – 11.02.2024


Super Bowl in Old Montreal

Super Bowl in Old Montreal

11.02.2024 – 11.02.2024

The 58ᵉ edition of the Super Bowl takes place on February 11. Here's where to watch the event and order your meal in Old Montreal if you're not one of the lucky ones who'll be in Las Vegas to watch the game.

Super Bowl deals at Shnoopi

So you don't have to wash dishes and you can entertain in style, Shnoopi offers delicious sandwiches. For a smaller group, opt for 5 sandwiches, 5 beverages and one large potato salad for $59.99, or 10 sandwiches, 10 beverages and two large potato salads for $99.99.

Touchdown at Santos

Whether you're a football fan or looking forward to the half-time show with Usher, head to Santos from 2pm for the celebrations. On the menu: signature cocktails, a discount on beer and bottles, and a tapas menu prepared for the occasion by Pat Marion.

Super Bowl party at La Voûte

Watch the game live on La Voûte's giant screen while enjoying reinvented classics like mini burgers and chicken wings. Beer, cocktails and bottle service will also be served on site. Reserve now for an evening full of surprises.

Prizes and specials at Les 3 Brasseurs

Join us at Les 3 Brasseurs for the game broadcast and a chance to win an NFL jersey or one of two $50 gift cards from Les 3 Brasseurs. Plus, for the day, chicken wings are $1 and a pitcher of beer is $14.

Retro songs and football at The Farsides

Come watch the game and don't miss the iconic commercials and half-time show at The Farsides. Retro songs will be played all evening while you feast on the special menu prepared exclusively for this popular sporting event.

A feast from Benny&Co right at home

Bring the feast home with Benny&Co. grocery products, featuring the "Le Festin d'Groupe" box of crispy wings, “squick squick” nuggets, tender fillets and fried drumsticks. Find this delicious meal at the IGA on Duke Street.

N.B.: Schedules and more details can be found directly on the company's website.

Photo: The Farsides / Benny & Co. / La Voûte

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