09.02.2024 – 10.02.2024


Lunar New Year in the Old Port

Lunar New Year in the Old Port

09.02.2024 – 10.02.2024

Lunar New Year in the Old Port: ice and fire!

On the evening of February 9th and the afternoon of February 10th, the Montreal Chinese Lion Dance Club will offer a breathtaking performance to bring luck and prosperity to the Lunar New Year celebration in the Old Port.

Dressed as colourful lions, the troupe will share a unique story, accompanied by a fire performance after nightfall.

Don't forget to enjoy the ice rink to glide into this new year with grace and magic!

Good to know: the event is free, but access to the ice rink is not.

N.B.: Schedules and more details can be found directly on the company's website.

Photo: Old Port of Montreal

Vieux-Port de Montréal, Ville-Marie, Montréal, QC, Canada