07.02.2024 – 28.04.2024


Art and politics or the (necessary) encounter with Claudette Colvin

Art and politics or the (necessary) encounter with Claudette Colvin

07.02.2024 – 28.04.2024

With this immersive exhibition, "Colored: The Unknown Life of Claudette Colvin", we get under the skin of history, under the skin of a black woman, under the skin of the fears and hopes of Claudette Colvin. Her name may not ring a bell, but 9 months before Rosa Parks, she too rebelled on a bus…

With this installation, technology brings us face to face with Claudette Colvin, and in this striking point of view, we find ourselves at her side, accompanying her through this pivotal episode in her life: ‘’We're in Montgomery, Alabama, in the heart of the segregated southern United States, on the 2:30 PM bus, March 2, 1955. Claudette Colvin, a 15-year-old Black teenager, refuses to give up her seat to a White passenger. Despite threats, she remains seated. After being thrown in jail, she decides to sue the city and plead not guilty. No one ever dared to do such a thing at the time. (…) Claudette Colvin made it all possible, but she is the one who has been forgotten. She still lives in the United States today, and is 83 years old.’'

The PHI Centre has brilliantly succeeded in combining art and civic duty by presenting this work of remembrance, which definitely serves a useful purpose. Don't miss it!

Good to know: Reduced rates for under-30s. Allow 40 minutes for the experience.

N.B.: Schedules and more details can be found directly on the company's website.

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