03.05.2024 – 08.09.2024


2 Hearts and 4 Hands Behind The Exhibition Efflorescence/The Way We Wake

2 Hearts and 4 Hands Behind The Exhibition Efflorescence/The Way We Wake

03.05.2024 – 08.09.2024

The exhibition "Efflorescence/The Way We Wake" features the collaborative work of two artists, Rajni Perera and Marigold Santos. They first met at the Phi Foundation while participating in the group exhibition "RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting" in 2020. When Perera discovered Santos' artwork, she felt a strong connection and was eager to explore it further.

Fascinated and inspired by each other, they now present this exhibition that is "presenting over thirty works, this exhibition is organized for us to appreciate each artist’s individual practices and to revel in their formal and conceptual affinities. What emanates throughout are vibrations of female power, that reverberate with instincts towards constant care, protection and the honouring of each of their personal stories and heritages."

Rajni Perera is originally from Sri Lanka and her journey from Colombo to Sydney, then on to Scarborough and North York in Ontario, is reflected in her work, in which she explores the "hybridity, futurity, ancestorship, migrant and marginalized identities/cultures, monsters, and dream worlds."

Marigold Santos comes from the Philippines, and her immigration experience is the starting point for her work: "the interrelated notions of “home” and the multiplicity of an identity in constant evolution, to ultimately explore the potentialities of transformation."

Good to know: admission is free for the duration of the exhibition, with an opening on May 2 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

N.B.: Schedules and more details can be found directly on the company's website.

Photo: PHI Foundation

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