21 Mar 2016

Time 2 minutes

Women Of Old Montreal | 2nd part - Marie-Eve Desrochers

Women Of Old Montreal | 2nd part - Marie-Eve Desrochers

About Women of the OldMany exceptional women flourish in Old Montreal, and it’s about time we celebrate them ! They’re entrepreneurs, employees, artists or residents, and their wisdom is a never-ending motivation we should all benefit from. In this series that we entitled Women of the Old, we get to know these exceptional women who positively impact the days of many souls ! #femmesduvieux

Marie-Eve Desrochers

Publicist at Dulcedo Management

087A6680-EditWith a beautiful smile, a contagious laugh and a presence that radiates happiness, Marie-Eve Desrochers epitomizes what we refer to as a wonder woman, and we are so pleased to introduce her to you !As a publicist at Dulcedo Management, Marie-Eve’s responsibilities go beyond public relations. In fact, she’s in charge of managing the brand, recruiting new models, providing personal assistance, producing events, managing social media accounts, and much, much more.This young woman has held her position at Dulcedo Management for almost two years, and what we admire most about her are her ability to seamlessly perform a variety of roles and of course, her passion !As you can imagine, working in the modeling and commercial fashion industry demands that you dedicate extremely long hours to your job. That being said, when you love what you do, as Marie-Eve does, the hours seem to fly by ! What she enjoys most about her position is watching young models with big dreams transform in front of her eyes, and it is her involvement in this evolution that brings her great happiness. For Marie-Eve, belonging to a team, teamwork and deriving joy from what she does are the values at the heart of her professional life and we truly admire these commendable qualities : You go girl !

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Let’s celebrate womanhood and all its facets !

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