10 Sep 2019

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Address book: special "go back to school" for children

Address book: special "go back to school" for children

Every week, we offer on the blog, a special series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. This week, as Fall is on its way, we are offering a list of shops to help prepare for the “go back to school” season, both for parents and children.

A yoga game to relax before bed
It’s time to go back to school! The return of the daily habits can bring a lot of stress, even for the youngest ones. Before going to bed, a yoga game will be perfect! With this game, the children will get a big moss cube to throw and colourful cards of postures to try, and that will surely help them relax while having fun at the same time. Parents can also join the fun and enjoy the benefits of yoga while sharing some quality time with the children!

This game is available at the shop Bagnoles et Bobinette on Saint-Paul Street.

The pretty nightlight: useful and beautiful
Going back to school also means that it’s important to get enough sleep in order to assimilate everything children learn in class. To make the bedtime easier and more reassuring, the nightlights of the “Veille sur toi” brand, that you can find at the Métiers d’art du Québec boutique, are a must! Among the large range of products they offer, there’s surely one that will please your child!

A soft cuddly toy
When younger children go to school or to the nursery for the first time, they often need a transition object that will remind them of home during this important time of their lives. A good way to tame this new environment: slide a Raplapla or a Velvet Moustache cuddly toy in their bag! No doubt, this cute and fluffy companion will surely comfort them throughout the day. Come discover a beautiful collection of stuffed animals at L’empreinte Cooperative.

Beautiful plates for dashing lunches
The children are eating at school? Make them smile with beautifully designed boxes that seem like it was made just for them! Thanks to these colourful containers and their funny prints, fruits and vegetables will surely taste better!

At Lunch-a-porter, all the articles are both beautiful and useful, and they will turn the students’ lunch boxes into real treasure boxes!