19 Aug 2019

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Address book: gifts easy to bring back

Address book: gifts easy to bring back

This summer, we offer on the blog a series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. Unfortunately, the holidays are almost over! This week, we offer a list of places to shop for gifts to bring back from Montreal or simply to treat yourself when you're in the neighborhood!


© L'Affichiste

You should definitely head to the shop L’Affichiste if you want a gift that’s easy to carry! This vintage gallery offers a large range of pieces based on different themes and different eras along with unique posters highlighting the beauty of Montreal. It’s the perfect gift to give or to receive if you want to change the house decor without cluttering up your space!

Boutique Arts en Mouvement
Located at the Bonsecours Market, the shop Arts en Mouvement offers many accessories and hand-made indigenous art pieces. Jewels, statues, crystals, decorations… You will find a great number of authentic and unique pieces that will surely leave an impression!

The Walk-In

© The Walk-In

If you’re looking for a pretty and practical gift, the Walk-In has everything you need! This beautiful shop sells many beautifully designed accessories for men and women. No need to compromise, you can actually find something pretty and useful! For example, they offer a vast choice of thermos, cups and tumblers that are easy to carry when you go back to work or to school!

Pointe-à-Callière shop
If you know people who are obsessed with History or archaeology, they will love the shop of the Pointe-à-Callière museum! They have a wide choice of books on different subjects along with decorations, jewels, toys for children and native pieces to please your loved ones after the holidays!