13 Dec 2019

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The Solidarity and Generosity of Old Montreal

The Solidarity and Generosity of Old Montreal

Often during this period of revelry, one forgets that not every person is so lucky to spend a festive yuletide surrounded by their loved ones. So we are continuing to highlight the initiatives of several of our sweet Gens du Vieux devoted to making the world better for those in need, one action at a time. We have already spoken here about it a little bit, but here are some more of your big-hearted businesses that are making a difference!

Luna Yoga, for the Québec Make A Wish Foundation

The Québec Make A Wish Foundation aims to allow children suffering serious illnesses to realize their dreams, and in order to help the Foundation make these children’s dreams become a reality, Luna Yoga is helping their cause and issuing a challenge to all yogis: attend the most classes as possible! Why, you may ask? Because, for each class you attend at Luna Yoga, 1$ will be donated to Québec Make A Wish. Helping a child meet his dream by finding your zen is a truly amazing cause!

The Saint-Sulpice Hotel, for l’Escale Famille Le Triolet

The organization Escale Famille Le Triolet was founded in 1992 in order to meet several different family needs, whether it be giving overburdened parents a moment of respite, breaking the isolation of certain parents by offering them workshops where they may interact with other adults and thus create bonds of friendship, or helping children socialize with their peers. To help Escale Famille Le Triolet, The Saint-Sulpice is holding a month-long fundraiser for its employees during December. The collected funds will be turned over to the organization at the end of the month. Also, during the week of December 16th, there will be a bake sale, and all the proceeds from this will be donated to Escale Famille Le Triolet. Then, the Saint-Sulpice employees will be generously donating their time by participating in a day of cleaning and renovations for the organization, with the hotel providing the necessary material: paint, cleaning products, etc. It’s safe to say that the Saint-Sulpice really takes the well-being of families to heart!

Boutique Salmo Nature, for the orphans and the environment

This Old-Montréal boutique specialized in fly fishing has committed to carrying products that are eco-friendly and that have humanitarian significance, such as those created by the company Orvis, which donates 5% of their after-tax profits to organizations for the protection of nature, for the advancement of canine health and well-being, and for the support of the communities in which they operate. Salmo Nature also stocks products from the company Fly Fishing Collaborative, who teams up with global orphan welfare organizations in the aims of mobilizing the fly fishing community against child sex trafficking. Each 15,000$ collected by the company is invested in the construction of a hydroponic farm which further contributes that community’s autonomy. Salmo Nature also has products from the company Bozeman Creative in-stock, and they are devoted to donating 1% of its annual sales to support non-profit organizations focused on the environment. Buying a gift for someone or for yourself from Salmo Nature means contributing to the betterment of the world!

Le Magasin Général du Vieux-Montréal, for the homeless

Accueil Bonneau has been helping people living in homeless situations for years. And this year, Le Magasin Général du Vieux-Montréal is helping l’Accueil Bonneau out, by offering hats, scarves, and wool socks so that l’Accueil Bonneau’s clientele will be warm this winter. Because giving can warm the heart of the giver as well as the recipient!

Mandy’s, for the children

The gourmet salad restaurant, Mandy’s, is organizing a collection of new and used toys for the organization The Welcome Collective. Come drop off your donations in the large collection box provided in their Old-Montréal location, and consequently allow more than 500 asylum seekers the chance to give a toy as a holiday gift to their children or a child in their group. Giving a toy means giving a bit of magic to children who have already seen so much strife…

Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel - Clothing drive

The Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel and the Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum are organizing a clothing drive for December 31st on behalf of the Welcome Collective Organization, whose goal is to bring warm clothing and proper footwear to families in a vulnerable or precarious situation and the asylum seekers among them. They are drawing inspiration from the person and story of Marguerite Bourgeoys who, in her day, notably came to the aid of young women arriving in New-France. The chapel and the museum are following in her footsteps!Find all the details on their Facebook page.