15 Jun 2022

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The Night Scene in Old Montreal

The Night Scene in Old Montreal

An unforgettable evening of fun outings is guaranteed in this historic neighbourhood where you can find bars with unique history, award-winning speakeasies, and celebrated DJs. You can expect the best night out of your life here to be trendy and lively.

Parties, sequins, and dancefloors

Bord’Elle: This might be one of the sleekest places for its setting as well as for the people who come here to have fun. The burlesque shows and the franco-asiatic fusion cuisine built the success of this business unique to the city. This is a must-visit place for a successful group outing.

La Voûte: Here, people treat themselves and dress to the nines to live fully in the moment. Among the mind-blowing décor and electric ambiance, things are done here to the max. In this establishment, you will experience nights worthy of the biggest party venues in the world.

The Confessionnal is probably one of the frequented dancefloors in le Vieux. This club at McGill Street is a safe bet for those looking to unwind with some wild rhythms. And champagne is also part of this winning formula, of course.

Cocktails and Speakeasies

The Coldroom is THE mysterious doorbell of Old Montreal. If you don’t find it at first glance, don’t despair - it's like a treasure hunt! Here you can forget the drink menu and let the mixologists know your tastes: you’ll get a drink customized to you.

Enter through an unconventional secret door behind in Restaurant Vandale to get to Speakeasy. This place is themed around the Prohibition era of the 1930’s, and its cocktail menu will impress you with flavours straight out of the 30’s. Are you ready for a culinary sensation at Speakeasy?

Nights at the pub, bar, or steakhouse

Gibbys, an unmistakable establishment in the Montreal culinary scene, is set in an old horse stable from the 18th century. We love the “old school” steakhouse vibe, where you can fully enjoy yourself from the entree to dessert and eat some elaborate cuisine. You will leave here satiated and inevitably happy.

La Taverne Gaspar will definitely charm you with its comforting menu and its selection of local beers. When it's nice out, you can sit at the terrace of this old 19th century warehouse.

At Brewskey, you’ll feel right at home. This neighbourhood pub was dreamed up by three friends who wanted to offer up the finer things in life, like food, beer, and whiskey. In every dish, the recurring ingredient is alcohol, and you can enjoy it out on the big terrace out on Saint-Paul Street.

At Vieux-Port Steak House, you will be entitled to a warm welcome from a dedicated service staff. What do you say to winding down with an aperitif before eating a delicious meal in a garden terrace bursting with magnificent flowers and greenery?

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