09 Sep 2019

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The 3 Brewers: the quiet force of the brand… And of Mercedes!

The 3 Brewers: the quiet force of the brand… And of Mercedes!

The restaurants the 3 Brewers offer craft beers, brewed on the spot. With their impressive 736-liter tanks, their brewing rooms have this everlasting “Wow” effect on the consumers. Moreover, it’s when she saw one of these rooms that Mercedes Primeau, the young thirty-years-old who is now executive director of the restaurant 3 Brewers Saint-Paul, fell in love at first sight with the establishments. For 11 years, her attachment to the brand and its formula (winning formula we’d like to add, especially when we see the dining room in the restaurant that’s still as busy as ever) has stayed intact. This attachment, you can feel it through her team, and the customers. For Mercedes, “it feels nice to work in the historic neighbourhood of Montreal, mostly because the people are more relaxed, they are on holidays. Even the office workers are relaxed! I like the atmosphere and the loving energy in the Old-Montreal.” It’s as if the summery vibe and its languor fill the place all year long. It must be said that the workers or tourists who are in the rush don’t have to worry: for lunch, the restaurant offers “tables d’hôte” with a service guaranteed only in 45 minutes!

“In the catering industry, everything goes fast,” says Mercedes cheerfully.
And so that everything goes perfectly right, she surrounded herself with a team of devoted waiters and waitresses and managers that she can count on. Recently, the international brand gave her control over the establishment located on Saint-Paul Street and Mercedes quickly grew in confidence. “It was stressing at first, but I knew the restaurant, since I was already working there before I became the executive director. The restaurant is right on track. Everything is great!” Very picky about the quality of the service and the hygiene, she’s learned how to communicate her demands and expectations to her team clearly and, most importantly, respectfully. She loves this beautiful place for its international setting and its unique atmosphere that’s convivial, lively and welcoming and her pride and pleasure to work in this environment is contagious: “I often say to my team: ‘Look around you, it’s such a beautiful place, with have a beautiful clientele!’ It’s such an incomparable place!” she describes as she looks at the view by the window.

For more than 30 years now, the 3 Brewers have been established in Saint-Paul Street, in a two-century-old building, that formerly accommodated a bank. No wonder that Guidatour stops by, several times a week! Go discover or rediscover this nice place where you’re most likely to meet a diversified group of people such as construction workers and residents of the neighbourhood, who enjoy special offers, but also excursionists and tourists! But don’t worry, there’s space for everyone: the two-floor restaurant has more than 400 seats! Good to know: the mezzanine of the brewery can be booked for an office party, a birthday or simply for a gathering with colleagues or friends.