14 May 2019

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Gifts for hosts and hostesses

Gifts for hosts and hostesses

Be Everyone’s Favorite Guest!

Invited to a Holiday party, and don’t want to show up empty handed? We know that finding a good gift for your host/hostess is not always easy, but let Old Montreal make it a breeze for you. The neighborhood is filled with elegant boutiques that are teeming with original and unique items, so come on down to the enchantingly decorated district, and you will find everything you need. Here are a couple great places in which you find a great variety of gifts for your hosts.


This craft cooperative displays the works of many great Quebecois artisans; you will find a wide variety of locally-made items! Great gift ideas include kitchen accessories, decorative objects, toys and jewellery.

À Table tout le monde

Martha Stewart invited you to her party? À Table tout le monde will ensure that you find uniquely styled kitchen accessories. People will definitely swell with jealousy when they see your gift.

The Pepin Shop

The Pepin Shop has many, many fabulous items. Our favorites are without a doubt their pepper mills, and cups – what masterfully designed objects! Also on the shopping menu: candles that are hand-crafted by Lysanne Pepin. These wax beauties are enclosed in adorable little glass bowls to create a natural and cozy ambiance. Love it!

Le p’tit dep

Come and check out le p’tit dep’s new makeover! Believe me, you will be splendidly delighted. This boutique offers you a great selection of fine products and elegant gift baskets. They also have a lot of candy for you or host to munch festively on: choose between a wide variety of treats and have them placed in their pretty glass jars. Now isn’t that sweet?


P’lovers is THE neighborhood boutique for all eco-friendly products! The owner Loraine has quite an impressive array of everything from green body care products to timelessly styled home design accessories. Come on down, and come pay their miniature Chewbacca a visit, the world’s greatest, hairiest mascot!

Le Cartet

Le Cartet is a prime choice destination for foodie gifts. With its 15 years in Old Montreal, this gourmet food boutique has built a decadent reputation.

Noël Éternel

The quintessential Christmas boutique. Indeed, it is known by all to be the most famous Holiday-themed specialized store. The boutique offers you many choices for Christmas gifts and accessories: toys, figurines, decorations, and much, much more. Truly a must-see if you haven’t yet!


ImpresArts specialized in locally made products. Our favorite: their picturesque murals. They also have charming clocks and stylistic frames. For what you’re looking for and more, for unique and beautiful findings, look no further than ImpresArts.

Bertrand Bookstore

Books have always made great gifts; people tend to forget about the value of reading, so revive it this Holiday season! Your host/hostess will be thankful upon receiving a wonderful pocket-sized book! The Bertrand Bookstore offers you a wide variety of excellent works of literature.