27 May 2020

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SDC Vieux-Montréal launches new health security measures

SDC Vieux-Montréal launches new health security measures

Last update: October 28th, 2020

Starting October 1st, Montreal entered the red-zone alert. For more information, click here.

Signage to help merchants manage store traffic

In addition to this first initiative, there is a new window signage allowing for simplified traffic management for Old Montreal businesses. A sign can be hung in the window, with the words “Welcome Enter!” on one side, and on the other, a reminder to customers to wait a few moments outside, as the internal capacity of the business has already been reached (respecting social distancing standards). This signage is offered free of charge to all commercial establishments in Old Montreal who ask for it.

Wearing Masks in Public Areas

As of July 18th, wearing a mask is obligatory for everyone in public areas. If you do not have your mask, business owners cannot let you enter their establishment. Please note that merchants found with a customer not wearing a mask could be subject to a rather harsh fine. Therefore, let’s stand with our business owners and cover our face as the law stipulates.

These initiatives will, in the long term, help to foster a safe atmosphere as well as educate Old Montreal businesspeople and customers on the right behaviours to adopt in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. It will also promote the historic district as a welcoming, safe, and dynamic destination for customers in Quebec and the greater Montreal area.

Remember that these are exceptional projects in response to the health crisis.

© Photo Credit Geneviève Giguère