14 May 2019

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Keep warm !

Keep warm !

It’s official: winter is finally here.

Along with its many marvels (snowy breezes, winter activities, hot chocolates, and many other comforting holiday images), Quebec’s cold season is well… cold.

So, in order to help you stay warm while you appreciate your outdoor strolls, we have concocted a list of shops that sell coats and other perfect winter accessories.


U&I offers a great selection of renowned coats that will keep you nice and toasty. This boutique sells, among other brands, Canada Goose coats. These coats (CG) have been worn by many athletes who have scaled Mount Everest (no joke). Our winters are a walk in the park compared to the Himalayan conditions. Waiting for the bus will be quite enjoyable — even in -30 degree temperatures.

Heritage Gallery

Heritage Gallery is a small family-run business that was founded in 1988. In this mystical boutique located on Saint-Paul East, you will find not only find coats and hats, but also large fur blankets for snowy Sundays (surely to come), days on which you will run Friends marathons. It should be noted that all their items are hand-made in their Old Montreal workshop.

Dubarry Furs

This business that was founded in 1975 cherishes passing down experience from one generation to the next since its humble beginnings. To break out of the traditional winter norms, Dubarry Furs offers you their signature capes. They are just as warm and will give a refined look. For absolute comfort, we recommend the chinchilla fur cape (ITS SO SOFT!). They also offer you the chance to customize your winter apparel. What a time to be alive.

North Pole Furs

This business, managed by two brothers, offers you unique items. Imagine yourself in a beautiful marsala-colored coat — nothing classier this winter. You will definitely not go unnoticed!


It is no myth that, in order to keep warm, your feet must be warm. At Amimoc, you will find hand-made boots, fully designed for our Quebec winters. It is a fine way to support local industry, while staying extremely comfortable, warm and dry this cold season.

Preventing is always better than curing when it comes to inevitable winter temperatures; put on your warmest clothing and have fun on your neighborhood strolls!

You can test your new purchases by discovering our winter activities here.