05 Nov 2019

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Address book: fish and seafood

Address book: fish and seafood

Every week, we offer on the blog, a special series of articles highlighting different establishments in the Old-Montreal. This week, discover some of the restaurants where you can eat delicious and fresh seafood in the historic neighbourhood of Montreal!


This restaurant specializing in “crudo+charbon”, as its slogan goes, is offering a clean, bold, and distinguished menu. The richness of the sea and the beauty of the earth come together here and are seen at their best. We also love the balance of the atmosphere and the decor, which doesn’t take away from the spectacle of the dishes, and how their pretty lights elegantly bring to mind thoughts of jellyfish.

Fish Bone

The restaurant Fish Bone is the perfect place to enjoy a modern coastal cuisine with dishes prepared exclusively with fresh and local ingredients. Apart from their selection of fish and seafood, the establishment also offers a great number of tasty wines and live music that will put you in a festive mood!

Seasalt & Ceviche bar

It’s still summer at the Seasalt & Ceviche bar! The restaurant welcomes you in a convivial decor and offers amazing menus with several courses to help you rediscover the flavours of the sea. The SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar also has a great selection of cocktails to accompany their dishes — a real treat for your taste buds!

Brit & Chips

Brit & Chips is the perfect combination of Quebec cuisine and British tradition. The restaurant located on McGill street is perfect to take a break at the end of the week and enjoy an authentic fish & chips made from sustainable fish!

Chez Delmo

Chez Delmo has been in the Old-Montreal since 1934, and they welcome the residents and workers of the neighbourhood in an inviting atmosphere at every time! Even after more than 80 years of service, tradition and authenticity are still at the heart of this great restaurant of the neighbourhood!


If you like Mediterranean cuisine, you should definitely try the Ikanos and the dishes of the chef Constant Mentzas! This fish bar offers many Greek specialties, prepared with care and with fresh and seasonal ingredients. To accompany their tasty menu, they also have the perfect selection of wine that will guarantee you an explosion of flavours!

Kyo Bar Japonais

When it comes to fish, Japanese food is a must! Located at the heart of Place D’Armes in the Old Montreal, the Kyo is inspired by Japanese traditional bars called Izakaya, and they offer a menu that highlights the authentic flavours of Japan. It’s the perfect place to get lunch with colleagues during the week! Moreover, the restaurant offers a special 15% discount to the people of the Old Montreal during the Happy Hour, from Monday to Friday!


Enjoy Portuguese savoir-faire! When it comes to fish and seafood, the cuisine of Portugal sets itself above the rest through the depth of its flavours and the sheer warmth of its dishes. Mussels, sardines, cod, calamari, clams, octopus, and scallops make up most of the tapas menu, and as for the main dishes, cod, bream, and sole steal the show.

N.B.: We regularly update this list. If your business specializes in seafood and isn’t yet mentioned here, please write to us so that we may include it! info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com