12 Oct 2020

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Old Montreal: The Taste of Europe at Your Front Door!

Old Montreal: The Taste of Europe at Your Front Door!


Ristorante Quattro , 17 Notre-Dame Street West

Here, you will succumb to their gnocchi cooked with love and their highly-valued desserts. Have you tried their tiramisu yet? No? Well, now’s the time! Fall under the charm of Italian cuisine in Montreal every afternoon of the week and order a dish for carryout or have it delivered directly to the office. Delicioso!

Le Muscadin, 443 Saint-Vincent Street

Muscadin’s works of art – for each plate has equal parts taste and style – have been available for these last four weeks, to our great pleasure. Come experience these colours and textures; each bite is well-worth the detour. They have a great carryout menu for you to order from Thursday through Saturday.

Slice and Soda, 201 Saint-Paul Street West

Taking a slice of pizza to go and enjoying it on a bench out in the neighbourhood, or having it delivered and eating it while bundled up all cozy at home? Yes, please! And why not grab a bag of chips and a drink while you’re at it? Slice and Soda’s New York/Italy combo DNA always leaves us satisfied. Great news – they are open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.!

Barroco, 312 Saint-Paul Street West

Available for takeout and delivery every day, Barroco offers wonderful land- and sea-based cuisine. The restaurant is offering its food at home and has superb dishes, each one as flavourful as the next. As for us, we were immediately drawn to the maple glazed salmon with seasonal vegetables.

Comptoir 400, 400 Place Jacques-Cartier

Good ingredients make for good dishes! If you’re getting the urge to break out the apron and cook something like a real Italian chef, Comptoir 400 offers a multitude of quality products on its online grocery store: fresh basil, biscotti, tomato sauce, terrines, etc. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask their wonderful team; they are more than happy to help. Good to know, the restaurant is also open for delivery and food/grocery carryout!


Restaurant Helena, 438 McGill Street

This authentic Portuguese restaurant continues to serve chef Helena Loureiro’s wonderful dishes, which are best accompanied by a good bottle of Portuguese wine (their menu is just begging to be looked through). To order, look through their online menu. Then, call 514-878-1555 or send an email to info@restauranthelena.com to tell them what you want! Then all that’s left is to drop by the store to pick up your order for carryout! Open Thursdays to Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Ikanos, 112 McGill Street

Interested in some sun and Mediterranean feel in your meal? Ikanos will begin offering its great dishes for carryout and delivery starting October 7th! And surprise! Ikanos has reinvented itself and is sharing its passion for the sea by opening up its borders for inspiration. In addition to its signature menu and souvlaki/tavern menu, a pop-up sushi menu is soon to come! Give yourself a tour around southern Europe and Japan, all while staying right at home.


Les Pyrénées, 320 Saint-Paul Street West

Salted mixed bean salad, cassoulets, and homemade soups. Les Pyrénées gives us the chance to indulge in some real French comfort food. Their menu contains great small plates that fill the heart and tantalize the eyes. You can enjoy a variety of melt-in-your-mouth flavours, in a truly-French, no-nonsense style cuisine right in your home: their food is available for takeout or delivery!


Brit’N Chips, 433 McGill Street

Does the “Tandoori Popcorn Shrimp” speak to you too? Don’t wait a second longer to order from this pub on McGill Street. With their dishes available for carryout and delivery every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Brit’N Chips offers a round-trip to the UK through their succulent burger and fries combos and, of course, their undefeated fish and chips. After the comfort food of France, you gotta get more from the other side of the English Channel!


L’amour du Pain, 369 Place d’Youville

The baguettes and seasonal specialities in store give this gourmet bakery its signature comforting smell. One small trip to L’amour du Pain and voilà! Good mood guaranteed. We’re not lying, just think of a croissant for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a crisp-crusted baguette to accompany your dinner... We’ve got a real craving to go there now!

Maison Christian Faure, 355 Place Royale

In this French bakery and pastry shop, the highest possible level of its craft, you will find one Christian Faure, with the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. This store has been in business on Place Royale for a few years now. Aside from its gourmand storefront and top-level tradition, we love coming here for the recipes and their masterful execution. Madeleines and chocolate croissants, colourful fancy breads, and salty treats – this high-calibre workmanship is available for carryout and delivery.

Moulins Lafayette, 245 Saint-Jacques Street

With the different hats they wear – bakery, pastry shop, viennoiserie dealer, chocolatier, cooked entrées – their offering has put us in a really hard position: how can we choose? Everything is good, and is begging to be tried. Luckily, in 2020, Moulins can figure into any occasion: a gourmet breakfast, during a Zoom lunch, sharing a snack with the kids, and more. Moulins Lafayette’s snacks are available for carryout or delivery.


N.B.: We are regularly updating our list. If your European-style restaurant is not yet mentioned here, write us so we can include it! info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com

© Photos Credit : Geneviève Giguère