01 Aug 2019

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Water can be a present

Water can be a present

Summer came slowly but now it is here without a doubt! Because of the high levels of mercury, you’re probably always searching for shaded areas, for water or for places with air conditioning. And you’re right, because that’s exactly what you need to do to protect yourself from the heat! This scorching heat also prompts everyone to dress lightly and drink a lot of water. It might seem easy but when you live in the street, it’s not that simple.

We are used to hearing about the danger of winter for the homeless, but the heatwaves also bring a lot of difficulties for them. For example, they don’t really have a summer wardrobe… And they don’t always have the opportunity to find at least a glass of water to properly hydrate themselves.

The volunteers of the Accueil Bonneau are well-aware of all these problems related to the hot weather which is why, they set up different preventive measures to help the most vulnerable: water, clothes and food distributions adapted to the current weather, air-conditioned areas in the centre during the day… Thanks to these measures, the Accueil Bonneau wants to help people living in the street go through these hot summer days and prevent tragedies.

To help the Accueil Bonneau serve this mission, donations are more than welcome at any time of the year, whether it’s summer or winter. https://www.accueilbonneau.com/english