18 Oct 2019

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October 2019: the selection of Librairie Bertrand

October 2019: the selection of Librairie Bertrand

Every month, the Librairie Bertrand shares its special selection of books. Here's what they recommend for the month of October.

The Testaments - Margaret Atwood

It’s impossible to talk about the new books of the season without mentioning the new book of Margaret Atwood! This sequel of “The Handmaid’s Tale” that was first published in 1985 was long-awaited by the fans! In this book, we go back to Gilead 15 years after the end of the previous story, in order to find out what happened to Offred when the gates of the van door closed on her…

Ta mort à moi - David Goudreault

After the success of his famous trilogy “The Beast”, the author tackles in this new book, the theme of fatality around the hectic existence of a poet whose life is falling apart. With his main character, David Goudreault salutes the big figures of literature, especially those who were tormented.

Shuni - Naomi Fontaine

This book is without a doubt, the favorite of the new season!
In this novel, Naomi Fontaine delivers with finess a touching story. Written as a letter to her childhood friend Shuni (Julie in the Innu language), a young white woman comes back to Uashat after studying social work, in order to help the community. The author tells her the story of her people, her life in the community, the traditions, landscapes…. and quest for identity.

Le deuxième mari - Larry Tremblay

Samuel is forced to marry a rich stranger in order to help solve the financial problems of this family. The woman is older than he expected, and he will have to learn to love her…but also satisfy her desires and keep his mouth shut. Because in this bold novel, women are the ones dominating the society. In this fictional tale, the roles of the genders are reversed, and Larry Tremblay shakes our beliefs and biases.