09 Jan 2020

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New Year’s resolutions: sport and health

New Year’s resolutions: sport and health

The first month of the year is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and re-motivate yourself to do better than previous years. To start this new decade on the right foot, discover the establishments in Old Montreal where you can take care of yourself, whether it’s to get back in shape or to stay healthy!

Crux Comptoir — To regain strength

Crux Comptoir is without a doubt the perfect place to regain your strength in winter! With its iconic yellow door, this establishment has everything you need to boost your energy thanks to their 2-, 3- or 5-day juice cleanse that will give you all your essential nutrients and will help you resume a healthy lifestyle after all the excess of the holidays. Their juices are all made with high-quality fruits and vegetables, without water, sugar, or preservatives to ensure maximum efficiency! In addition to this remedy, Crux Comptoir also offers gourmet breakfasts with their delicious açai bowls full of colours and good ingredients!

OGYM — To get back in shape

It's hard to find the motivation to get back in shape after a long period of inactivity… If you’re in that situation, why not try group classes to exercise with people who feel the same? As luck would have it, OGYM Old Montreal offers classes during the lunch break to help you get back in shape! And as everyone is different, O’GYM also provides several subscription offers depending on the needs of their customers. Additionally, to celebrate the new year, the gym is waiving membership fees! Perfect to get your motivation back in no time!

Toro Holistic Health Centre — For your mental well-being

A new year is also the perfect opportunity to try new things! If you want to learn more about the benefits of holistic therapy, then the Toro Holistic Health Centre in Old Montreal is the place for you! Osteopathy, acupuncture, introduction to Reiki, Thai massage, meditation, homeopathy or tarot; this is the ideal place for you to discover new practices alongside an expert with years of experience who will guide you through everything you need to know!

Tx Sport Massage & Multi-Therapies — To improve your physical condition

Whether it’s for athletes or people with a sedentary lifestyle, Tx Sport Massage & Multi-Therapies offers high-quality therapeutic treatments to help you relieve all of your muscle pain, whatever they are! Be it a strain, tendinitis, anxiety, or more, no matter your age, their experts will help you get back in shape in no time!

Kupfert & Kim — To change your diet

Being able to eat well and respect the environment is possible, and Kupfert & Kim has made that their mission! If you want to change your diet this year, then you'll love this restaurant’s menu, offering tasty and minimally processed gluten- and meat-free dishes! Whether it’s at your office or at home, Kupfert & Kim delivers their delicious dishes to make your life easier. And if you really want to impress your loved ones, try Kupfert & Kim’s catering service for your gatherings and parties!

Mandy's — For healthy and gourmet meals

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2020 is to eat more fruits and vegetables, Mandy’s is the place to be! This restaurant offers salads that will delight even the greatest gourmands through its varied menu and premium ingredients! But Mandy's isn't just about salads. They also offer colourful smoothies, unique soups, and Mexican- or Asian-inspired bowls. You need to try this place ASAP!