23 May 2019

Time 2 minutes

May 2019: Selection of books by Librairie Bertrand

May 2019: Selection of books by Librairie Bertrand

Every month, Librairie Bertrand is offering you their special selection of books! This May, to celebrate the return of the sunny days Jean-Philippe is suggesting five books to read under the sun with a nice and cold drink!

How not to kill your plants - Nik Southern (28,99$)
The weather is getting warmer every day so it’s normal if you want to bring a bit of summer into your home with the help of plants! Green plants are great for your health and if you are into it then this book will be like a bible that will help you maintain your indoor jungle!

Lives of Girls and Women - Alice Munro (20$)
Discover or rediscover the Canadian winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature with the touching portrait of Del, a young girl from Ontario that we follow through her childhood to her teenage years! The meticulous writing of Munro makes this almost-autobiographical book a delightful reading!

Jours brûlants à Key West - Brigitte Kernel (34,95$)
This fiction takes its origin from Françoise Sagan’s stay at Tennessee Williams’ place in 1955, when she was on tour in the United-States. Brigitte Kernel brings us with her under the sun of Florida with big names of the Literature by our side, offering us an intimist and fascinating story.

Expo Habitat - Marie-Hélène Voyer (21,95 $)
Since she grew up in a farm, Marie-Hélène Voyeur was able to become impregnated with the rural scenery so no one can talk about it the way she does! Between admiration and resentment, this collection of poems allows us to see how complicated but necessary it is to live fully on our territory, a concern that coincides with the near arrival of Summer!

Un herbier de Montréal - La Pastèque (39,95$)
This collection of poems, comic strip, scientific sheets and funny facts put the diverse but often forgotten flowers of Montreal under the spotlight! Artists and scientists offer a poetic and bright vision of these plants that make the city more bearable: Sweet moments of contemplation await in this beautifully illustrated book!